It’s Not Even my Birthday, Cake Cake Cake!(in Rihanna’s Voice :D )

No, it’s not my birthday!

But I couldn’t help to grab myself (well, it was technically meant for someone else) this beautiful peace of art. Yes, I consider great foods as art! The time, love and perfection it takes to make it come to life totally qualifies it as art.

Funny though, I am really not a pastries person. I don’t like baked things that also involve wheat, I guess it’s from having too much of it as a child. But once in a while, a piece or 2 does it.

This is probably the first cake I have had in 2019! Crazy Right? I’d not be surprised if the next one will be around the Christmas season.

You know what this reminds me off? Rihana’s Birthday Cake Song, And if you know her well, you definitely know this is not the kind of cake she had in mind, know what I mean? 😀

Anyway guys, I hope you are having an amazing May. Just a few days and we’ll be in June! Can you believe that? Also, if you’d be gracious to share your fave cakes that would be great! Added bonus for those with photo 🙂

Time to Kick Start this Steemy Day! See you Around!

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My Perfect Digital Lifestyle Day..

Yesterday was great!

If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was the ultimate digital lifestyle I have craved for most of my adult life. I hate monotony, and most classic jobs I have held in the past were full of it. Most of the time I would get bored so fast and quit. Other times I’d be fired cause I wasn;t delivering lol

Honestly though, I am not the kind of person that persons in an environment that doesn’t foster any form of creativity. I like to do different things on different days, not same old shit just a different day.

I remember one time when I was a group editor for some travel magazine company a year or 2 ago. My then boss was so annoyed cause we couldn’t come to a compromise in terms of my working hours, environment as well as articles for the magazine issues. I think that was the time I decided I would never work for another person for the rest of my life. Of course I’ve taken jobs since then, because, bills have to be paid!

Back to yesterday…

Sorry I digress. But yesterday was what I’d say would be the most perfect idea work day for me. Where I run errands and then sit at a cafe and create content hours on end. I am one of those people who are heavily rooting for Steem to succeed. I can see myself doing this for a really long time. I love it, it’s hustle free and most importantly, I can pay my utilities while at it.

If the price of price is going to act right, I can foresee a future where some of us making a living off this platform. I never bother looking for an actual job nowadays. Chance are, I’d probably be making what I am currently making on here with the recent Steem price. That’s about $300-$400 monthly. Can you believe that crap?

It’s really messed up out here especially for the youth in terms of job acquisition. I know people who have been looking for jobs for years to no avail, it’s that bad. How’s the job situation like where you’re at?

Anyway guys. I had a good time yesterday, I’d do it all over again to be honest. And I most likely will. Of course the food is always an added bonus of working in a cafe all day 😀

And of course it wouldn’t be an experience worth sharing without a selfie 🙂

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Would You Like to Become a Talented Steemhunt Hunter? How to…

How to stay healthy this summer.png

Those of you that have known me long enough probably have seen my journey unfold gradually. I started out as a green as can be and gradually found my way to what I can now call communities I am passionate about. And it’s without a doubt @Steemhunt is on top of that list.

Looking back I’d say I started out as an amateur hunter, trying as hard as I could to understand the Steemhunt concept and I’m proud to say, I eventually grew to love it and somewhat have translated into a Pro Hunter, at least in my own definition.

Today is not about me however. Today, I am dedicating this post to help YOU to become a great hunter, possibly a Steemhunt Mentor to others. I never really knew how much I’d actually enjoy hunting for cool, new, innovative products but I have come to love it so much so, I can hardly go a day without a Steemhunt post. When I miss it my day never feels the same.

Of course the upside of being part of the Steemhunt community comes with great rewards, both in terms of Steem & Hunt Tokens, but the greater reward for me I’d also say is acquiring knowledge not only about the platform, but also knowledge on thousands of products & services as well as being able to share that information with the rest of the community on here.

If you resonate with any of those reasons, then this is definitely the post for you. But more importantly, a great opportunity for you to be involved in the Steemhunt platform. I should mention, while we are talking all things Steemhunt, this is going to be my entry to be a Steemhunt mentor, a contest being held by the lovely @rosatravels.

Who is a Talented Steemhunt Hunter?

Talent- Natural Aptitude or Skill.

For me, when I think about a talented Steemhunt hunter, it is someone who effortlessly finds the right products that fit the [Steemhunt’s Posting Guidelines](
) with ease. Someone who has an eye for products or services that the tech savvy internet community would resonate with, are obsessed with or are constantly talking about and being able to review those products on Steemhunt in a fun, yet professional, captivating manner. It is also someone who hunts those products before any other hunter, because, duplicates are not allowed!

Here Comes the Big Question, Where to Dig for those New, Cool & Innovative Products?

I feel it is not a matter of where, but as a matter of how & why.

I know alot of hunters are going to be hesitant in sharing the where’s, and I completely understand. It is like giving out the key to your gold mine right? So I’ll do you one better and share with you the how & why, at least that is my strategy.


If you have been following me for sometime, then you might have noticed my hunts are not random, well, at least not until I grasped some momentum. Before I hunted anything & everything, which was fine since I hardly ever got delisted, but I was all over, from apps to tech products to services etc. Lately, I have found a system where I focus on a certain niche or industry and hunt for products in that line. Lately, I am doing alot of health apps for conditions I feel are affecting alot of the human population, before that I did fitness apps and so on. You get the drift.


I look around and try as much to immerse myself in my real life circumstances and surroundings and look for products I feel would be able to offer solutions to my problems, my family, friends and or neighbors. When I look into health apps, I remember all the people in my life who are struggling with certain health problems. Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, mental health etc. I find when I do this, I find myself very interested to search for products that could help a loved one. The best advice I can give, think of problems in your life you need solutions to, then start researching on possible solutions, you will be pleasantly surprised.

As a Steemhunt Mentor, What Would I like to See in a Steemhunt Post?

The products & services one hunts will never change. By this I mean,they will always function as the makers intended for them to right? That to say, the information is good, but personally I enjoy reading hunts that have a bit of personality to them. If you are a humorous person, bring that out without taking away from the awesomeness of a hunt. If you are a creative, expressive or whatever personality, bring that out. I feel readers need to connect to a hunter first before they can trust your judgement & the products you are recommending to them. It’s all about trust.

Of course I would also like to see a well written post. Grammatically correct, proper punctuation, crystal clear images and gifs, well quoted context where need be, and most importantly, one’s opinion about the product, which should include the Pros & Cons.

Some of the Requirements to Post Cool New Products?

The right product link, the right product name, a captivating short description of the product, using appropriate tags are just some of the requirements I feel are mandatory. Of course there’s more as highlighted on Steemhunt’s Posting Guidelines which you should familiarize with.

How Does one Get a Hunt Approved?


Source- @teamhumble
This is probably one of those questions I have been asked over and over again. One which I have also covered numerous times in my Dtube Vlogs. It is actually not that hard;

  • Make Sure your hunt is Not a Duplicate. You can do this by making use of the Search bar on the Steemhunt platform before you even delve into your hunts. That is like the first rule of Steemhunt. If the hunt you had in mind has been hunted before, move on to the next!
  • Secondly, Use the Right Product Link. Steemhunt accepts only 4 product links.
    Read about product links Here
  • Hunt Products that fit the posting guidelines.
> Web services.Mobile apps. API, IT solutions, bots, open sources or other types of software.Tech gadgets, hardware, IoT/connected/wearable devices. Games.Innovative Engineering/Design Products (It may cover non-tech products that have been invented based on high-level engineering/design approach to solve a major problem)..

Other than that, your posts should be in English, without plagiarism, and of great quality.

How Do Steemhunters Interact with Each Other?

There’s a number of ways to do this. But mostly I feel it is via the Steemhunt’s Website as most spend a lot of time creating, curating as well as giving feedback on the day’s hunts.

You can also find majority on Steemhunt’s Discord Server. Feel free to join.

What are Hunt Tokens?



Earlier on, I mentioned one of the great perks of being a Steemhunt member is earning both Steem and Hunt tokens. It is hard to believe there’s anyone who’s been here for a while without a clue about hunt tokens. Steemhunt had one of the biggest Airdrops we’ve had on the Steem blockchain a while back. But for the sake of those that maybe new on Steem , Hunt Tokens are tokens that fuel the Steemhunt Platform. Currently valued at $0.02, this tokens can be;

  • Earned by sharing/upvoting cool new products in the Steemhunt community
  • Used by product owners and makers to run review campaigns for hunters, in return, the hunters can use this tokens to buy products and services at discounted prices.
  • In the near future, the tokens will also be used by hunters and anyone who holds them to back crowdfunding projects.
Talking of Review Campaigns…

Are you Ready for Review Hunt?

Review Hunt is the platform product makers will use to run their product campaigns, where professional Steemhunt Influencers can review cool new products and without a doubt the perfect place for anyone who wants to be a product influencer should be. A time is coming where Steemhunters can officially be appointed to review certain products as per the product owners request and of course, earn heftily while at it.

How then do you make sure you are ready for review hunt?

First things first,

  • Pre-Sign Up as a Hunter Now!
  • Then be on the look out for the official platform launch in July 2019.
  • In the mean time, try as much as you can to guild your social media presence in the various platforms as it will go a long way in gaining you access to the review hunt platform as a hunt influencer. Some of the platforms I’d advice to focus on are Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Medium & Facebook. If you have more, even better.
review mentor.PNG



First of all, thank you for reading this far. If you found this information useful do leave me a feedback below.

Secondly, I would highly encourage anyone who is looking into passive income or extra income on the platform to seriously look into the [Steenhunt Platform]. So far, there are over 60 companies that have committed more than $500,000 monthly to be spent on product review on review hunt. Imagine how much of that pie you could get for just doing amazing reviews.

Thirdly, if you would like to be a Steemhunt mentor be sure to check out the mentioned post by @rosatravels. Better yet, if you think I’d make a good Steemhunt mentor don’t be shy to show your support, I will highly appreciate it. Steemhunt is one of those DApps I have been very consistent with & continue to be passionate about. Being a Steemhunt Influencer few months back was one of the ways I could give back to this amazing platform and being a mentor would be an even greater opportunity. To not only help you with your Steemhunt journey, but to also show support and give back to the community at large.

Tagging @lordbutterfly @anouk.nox @adettorent @prettynicevideo @tibfox @jeronimorubio for support.

Join Steemhunt’s Discord Here

Vote for Steemhunt Witness

See you on the Next Post.

Love, El.

Traditional Maasai Jewelry| Necklaces, Anklets, Bangles, Earrings, Belts etc…

Sunday’s are exciting! I don’t know if it’s because of the #GOT anticipation or because it’s the mark of a new week! Either way, I am super duper stoked it’s Sunday already. Today I feel like we all deserve some pop of color, no? There’s just something about beautiful colors that just tends to brighten up the day and moods so to speak.

Today, I wanna share some traditional Maasai Necklaces and afew more jewelry from my latter trip at the market. I kid you not guys, I got so much content from this day it was just amazing. Some days are just meant to be great I assume.

Those are some beautiful colors. It’s not your typical kind of jewelry, but it’s certainly beautiful to look at and wear for those who desire this kind of vibe.

They come in all sort of shapes and sizes too. There’s always something for everyone at this market. Heck, they even have some gold and silver jewelry as shown below.

I assume they must take so many hours to put this beads together. They are so fast with their work though, if you saw them at work you’d think they have some sort of magical hands. These are beautiful right? 😀

They also something for the men. I know most if not none of you gents would rock this 😀 Well, not sure either if you’d rock these carvings either.

Atleast this key holders are unisex 🙂

I also came across this display of other assorted jewelry. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, head ornaments etc…

Oh, there were also some belts….

Incase you are wondering how you’d wear some of these, here’s a typical Maasai Women. This is how they dress up every single day. Like I’ve said many times before, they are very loyal to their culture and traditions.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday. Just gonna kick back, create content and perhaps binge watch some series, not that it’s any different from any other day, but the feel is pretty good.

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Your Name or Whatever Name, on a Grain of Rice Turns Jewelry, Anyone Interested? + A Mini Vlog

Believe it or not, it is actually very possible to write on a grain of rice! Not sure if anyone here has tried that, and if you have, wtf man? But it is actually a very popular art at the Maasai Market. This past visit I decided to get a friend some crafted jewelry with their name on it, which precisely the purpose of this post.

How this guys write on such a small grain is like a miracle, some of us have very bad big handwriting that writing on a grain of rice sounds nearly impossible right? Well, not for this guys. I guess it’s true what they say, practice practice makes perfect!

Normally what happens when they write on a grain of rice, they put then in this very beautifully designed pieces of glass with some sort of solution in it, I am guessing it’s water, and then close it tight on both ends. You can also chose to have yours colored or not. I had mine colorless.

These are some of the other crafted pieces this guy had on his stand. He had neck pieces, unisex bracelets as well as Key holders.

And he clearly knows how to market himself, speaks even foreign languages lol

Apparently, this is Indian Art, the guy never said how he learnt it, but he seemed very happy to be doing it. I guess that is really what matters, that you’re happy doing what you do right?

I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of think this would make for a very unique gift right?

Also, I thought you guys would enjoy watching this guy in his element writing on a grain of rice, so here’s a small clip I put together. Also, remember that arts post from yesterday? I think you’ll spot a few of the pieces on this mini clip 🙂

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Have Yourselves a Great Thursday My Steemy Friends <3


Daily Food Photography Challenge| Wednesday’s Dinner..

Hi There fellow foodies! Time for another fun #dailyfoodphotography contest entry! Today’s theme is Wednesday’s Dinner, with a prize pool of 70 Whalecoins, great right? To know me is to know I love my food, and more importantly, my meat! I don’t care what all the vegans out there say, there’s nothing wrong with loving your meat.

Today, we go a little more local 😀 Some Ugali (basically corn flour mix), beef and some kale mixed with spinach. Not sure if any of this is familiar with any of you, but if you can’t tell by now, Ugali is sort of a very common delicacy around here.

If you are ever in Nairobi, Kenya and wanted to try some local delicacy, then this is one of those MUST go to dishes.

Not the Most Yummy looking dish, but it can be tasty if properly prepared, you know, like the way I do it. 😛


Do you like fatty Meat? I DO!


I am usually not a Milk’s person, but I had a cup of milk to drive it all down. The next cup of milk I’ll have will probably be in a couple of weeks if not months. Do you like milk? Other than that, is this something you’d try ? 😀


That’s today’s Entry for Wednesday’s Dinner,

What Did you have for dinner of lunch for that matter today? Photos are very much welcome below this post, that is only if you wish to share. Wishing you guys a lovely time out there.

Love, El

An Undervalued Arty Affair! Market Friday’s Part 2| Nairobi, Kenya.. $15 Art Anyone?

I am kind of very excited for this post. Mostly because I came across an art DApp when going through my choices for the @Oracle-d’s task for the week. Who knew there were so many DApps out there? If you are curious to know what I am talking about, then be sure to stick around my blog for that post. But for now, can we just acknowledge how talented this artists I found at the market this past Weekend are?

I don’t if it’s their choice of color for their paintings or it is just the images themselves, which I totally resonate with seeing that this is African art and I am Kenyan after all. But then again, just like music, art is food to the soul right?

I get overwhelmed every-time I see how much of this talent goes to waste, believe it or not, some of this pieces go for as low as $15. Crazy right? I sometimes wonder if they make any profits at all, let alone break even.

Seeing that this is a **Maasai Market**, alot of art you will find here revolves around the Maasai Culture and their way of life. Kids Milking, Wildlife, Women Cooking , Fetching fire wood, nursing their kids etc

Here are some more upclose shorts from this display.

I always have a Keen eye for wildlife. This certainly caught my attention, is it something you’d buy or even consider?

The Leopard or the Elephants?

This guy tried a monologue kind of vibe, not sure it it worked, what do you guys think?

One thing is for sure , the talent this guys have is unquestionable, just rather unfortunate it is close to zero value. If you have to get a piece from this collection though, which one would you opt for?

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Love, El. XOXO

Daily Food Photography Challenge| Tuesday’s 2SBD Lunch…

It’s that time again when we do another #dailyfoodphotography challenge guys! What do I love the most about it? To be honest, just the thought of how much the food I buy is worth in terms of Steem 😀

Today, I’m in town running some errands and I just caught a break to get some posts going. Currently having this delicious Masala Chips, not too hot but considerably hot and yummy! Do you guys have Masala fries where you’re at? It’s kind of a very popular delicacy on my side of the world.

Usually it comes with a salad or a Salsa, not that you get chose, you just get what that particular restaurant offers, crazy right? The only choice you have is to eat or leave it lol

Anyway guys, this plate cost $1.2 and my juice was $0.8, Exactly how much is that for Steem today? I prefer to think of it in SBD terms, cause some day Steem will be worth too much and the pain of spending steem today will be real! So, 2SBD lunch it is!

What would you buy with 2SBD in your country? That’s about 5.5 Steem according to today’s price. This little cafe I found in town today was very price friendly, nice atmosphere and not so crowded which is nearly a miracle especially in my City Centre, Nairobi.

What Did You Have for Lunch Today?

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Market Friday- Part 1 | Maasai Market, Kenya.. 5/4/2019

Today is one of those random days. Just woke up and decided to go out and see what the rest of the world is up to, you know, cause I spend a lot of my days on this platform mostly in my compound. Sometimes it can get very boring and demotivating to get anything done. Especially when the energy is abit low, just like the Steem price is currently 😀

Anyways, I am just from Maasai Market here in the City Center, Nairobi. Yes, Again! What can I say, when I like something I really do. Today, I wasn’t in much mood to capture anything to be honest. This thought did come across this morning on my usual curation shenanigans for the @gtg account. I came across this post by @dswigle about Market Friday’s and decided to head out to create some content. It may not be Friday @dswigle, but it sure was a great concept for me to delve into this Weekend. Seeing that today is Saturday, it fitted right in with the Weekly Maasai Market in my City.

This Market is dedicated to selling and showcasing commodities from one of Kenya’s most Authentic and long preservers of their culture- The Maasai. While I may have shared a little too much on this before, it is always a great experience at this market. I not only find different, unique stuff everytime I visit here, but also rejuvenate my creativity and motivation to keep on creating. Today was not any different.

These are traditional African drums. While most may not use them anymore due to the advancement in technology and all, they Maasai still use them in their day to day life. Like for church or other communal ceremonies. The modernized lot mostly improvise them for home decor.

I also came across this Animal printed Key Holders, not really something I would personally buy, but tourists seem to love such things a lot.


There were also thse very colorful hand wooven handbags. On Sunday’s you can spot a lot of women carrying those.

Here’s a few more shots from the Market..

These next are traditional Maasai Women working on their beaded ornaments. The do Such a great job. Maasai’s Culture is symbolized by a lot of jewelry and very colorful ones for that matter.

Here’s some of what they make. Mostly work on your head, neck, arms, legs and waist. The also have belts and rings etc

Some necklaces look like this. Of Course they come in different shapes and sizes. Also, if you are really patient, they can so customized orders. You know, like if you prefer to have your name or a loved one’s name written on them. I got one of those today 😉

Some of the belts I’m talking about..

Some of the cloth stalls. This are not Maasai Outfits, but they are very popular around here. They are called Dira.

Believe it or not, these are chairs/sits. I am not very sure I’d be comfortable sitting on them, but they’d be cool to go to the beach with. Assuming they are fold-able 😀

YEP. They are.

Some more wood carvings. This are like salad bowls or soup bowls depending on how you prefer to use them. Some prefer to use them as fruit baskets too.

This is where it gets interesting. The horns are traditional cups. Mostly they are used by elders to drink local brew and in the case of the Maasai, to drink milk in. The artists in this market have also found a way to reduce them to salt shakers or pepper shakers for those who prefer it so. And some small bowls too.

You could use this little baskets to store jewelry or anything else you see fit. How cute?

More Bags and Bead Work//

Let’s call it a blog shall we? 🙂 I have to get home. Been sitting in this cafe sipping coffee as I create this post. Now have to go home. But I should quickly mention, I have a lot more from today’s market escapade so you can look out for that. Tomorrow I will cover more jewelry and mostly art pieces. Trust me, it’s not something you want to miss!

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RECAP| Maasai Mara,Kenya| Upclose & Personal with Simba..

Tell you what, I know it’s not Thursday to warrant a throwback, but I woke up on such an adventurous mood. The mood that screams danger but you still don’t care!Know what I mean? If I could, I’d pack a bag and off I’d go back to this amazing African jungle. But seeing I can’t, I am left to reminisce on this amazing experience with my amazing photography skills (which got really sharpened, tested and put to work on this trip) 😀

It was such a pleasure to have a moment or 3 viewing these beasts. This is not the tamed version of probably what most of you have out there. This is Simba in his most natural habitat. Smells all sort of danger, but the experience was worth it.

Wanna know what the best part about this experience was? Simba had a Mrs. This ultimately means we really got treated to some ‘action’ 😀 It was great for the most part, except the very uptight adults in the family would make the rest of us feel horrible for enjoying some lion porn lol

This next photo was absolutely my favorite! Would explain why I’m sharing it twice 🙂

I think it’s pretty obvious this was post action from just how she lays there, weak and exhausted lol. Seriously though, they don’t call Him the King of the Jungle for No Reason Right?

Aren’t they just a beauty to marvel at? If you haven’t been to Kenya yet for the full African Safari Experience, then I highly suggest to add that on to your buckelist! It’s an experience like no other! Just look at how vast that jungle is, thousands of wildlife to be spotted.


Did you know lion honey mooners mate every 15 minutes for an entire week in a bid to procreate? Approximately 96 times per day! See, I told you, King of the jungle! 😀

Usually they mostly are in environments that camouflage with their look, like dried grassland, we were just very lucky to find them on this greener side of the jungle, which made it more fun and visible for photography. I would trade a trip to the beach or to the mall for this any day! Always something new to marvel at with wild game.

Have you been on an African Safari? How was your experience? If not, is it something you’d want to do or not?

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Love, El.