An Undervalued Arty Affair! Market Friday’s Part 2| Nairobi, Kenya.. $15 Art Anyone?

I am kind of very excited for this post. Mostly because I came across an art DApp when going through my choices for the @Oracle-d’s task for the week. Who knew there were so many DApps out there? If you are curious to know what I am talking about, then be sure to stick around my blog for that post. But for now, can we just acknowledge how talented this artists I found at the market this past Weekend are?

I don’t if it’s their choice of color for their paintings or it is just the images themselves, which I totally resonate with seeing that this is African art and I am Kenyan after all. But then again, just like music, art is food to the soul right?

I get overwhelmed every-time I see how much of this talent goes to waste, believe it or not, some of this pieces go for as low as $15. Crazy right? I sometimes wonder if they make any profits at all, let alone break even.

Seeing that this is a **Maasai Market**, alot of art you will find here revolves around the Maasai Culture and their way of life. Kids Milking, Wildlife, Women Cooking , Fetching fire wood, nursing their kids etc

Here are some more upclose shorts from this display.

I always have a Keen eye for wildlife. This certainly caught my attention, is it something you’d buy or even consider?

The Leopard or the Elephants?

This guy tried a monologue kind of vibe, not sure it it worked, what do you guys think?

One thing is for sure , the talent this guys have is unquestionable, just rather unfortunate it is close to zero value. If you have to get a piece from this collection though, which one would you opt for?

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Love, El. XOXO

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