How Much Do You Spend on Your Internet? Just Realized I’m Spending $100+ Monthly! That is Insane!

Just out here trying to get my internet data issues solved. OMG, I cannot believe how much I have been spending in the last year or so!Freaking crazy!

Today I decided to stop by my internet providers office for my internet statement for the last 6 months and it turns out I am spending a approximately $100 per month! That is super expensive given my status(unemployed) , that would explain why I am constantly having to take out some Steem Here & there.

From today however, that changes!

I’ve decided to get on an unlimited data package for half my monthly expenses. That’s about $50 per month. I think that is a better and more manageable plan. Now, every end month I have to make sure I can at least save 50SBD for my data plan. Sounds fair right?

ION, I am just sitted in this cafe trying to get some work going. July is going to be such a great monthly! You know how they say you *should speak into existence what you want to see in reality?* That is exactly what I am doing day in, day it. And I am positive the universe is manifesting, because? The Law of Attraction!!

**Java House** is a household name in Kenya. Everyone knows if you want great coffee you have to find the nearest Java to you. I kid you not. I’ve made a few foreign friends who can swear by this. Most often than not, foreigners are blown away by the quality of coffee and tea in Kenya, majority carry as much of it as they can back home. It’s that good!

This particular branch is in the shopping mall. Right next to where my internet providers office is. I can’t imagine how the staff there perseveres all this flavorful smells, it would be so difficult for me, yeah, I love to eat, a looooottt!! 😀

Other than that, I am glad and feeling somewhat accomplished today for having nearly solved my internet issues. Back on that saving streak because I have a vacation to get to this month!! :)))

Fantastic July to All!! :))


The Way to My Heart- Great Food!


The only thing that seems to make my days brighter & even more so when it is accompanied by a perfect glass of wine. This wasn’t the best of wines I’ve had, but it served the purpose for the day :D, Which was clearly to create great content for this amazing platform.


This was a platter of some sort, came with some beef curry, fisk and some fried chicken & veggies. To be honest I don’t think we touched any of the veggies lol

Of course if you know me then you know I love my fries so damn much 😀 This were very tasty once I added some ketchup, but then again, I love potatoes so much, they taste great even when boiled lol

And ofcourse, this meal wouldn’t have been complete without my drink of choice.. Ppppfff 😛

I like my wine Sweet truth be told. And I don’t drinking anything stronger than that, trust me, I’ve tried. Perhaps some sweet cocktails here & there, but that’s about it.

After …

@jeanwandimi & I clearly destroyed that platter. Just reminiscing about it makes me want to go back for some more.

And of course it wouldn’t be a complete experience without a selfie of some sort 🙂 If this counts as one.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Friyaaaay Out there. I am certainly trying to make the best use of my time xxo

See You On the Next Post.

My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard :D

Hey Fellow Pervs 😀

When you know you know! LOL, Okay seriously though, I could not help head bumping to that song when I was planning to write this post. It was such a hit song, at least when I was younger. It’s hard to tell what’s popping with them kids this days. And now, probably the elder generation has no idea what I am mumbling about, such is the beauty of life 😀

Anyway guys, I can tell you for a fact this this milkshake tasted so much more than it looks. It’s even hard believe that could be possible. I don’t quite remember what it was called, but it had some cookies and vanilla infused into it. By far the sweetest thing I have had this year!

I am a sweet tooth on the better part, and as much as I am trying to avoid too much sugar at this stage in my life, there are just times that you have to make an exception. This was one of those. Of course there was nothing much to celebrate or to warrant this treat to myself, but I like to think being alive and doing this Steeming Fulltime is reason enough.

As you can see from my computer, I just needed something to make my oracle-d work seamless. Normally I have a cup of coffee as I get writing, but I guess I needed something with a twist. Talking of coffee, this milkshake had some of it. Damn it. I might have to go back and confirm, with another shake of the same manner perhaps? 😀

Incase you’re wondering what song I was mumbling about, here it is. Man, it’s already been 10 years since it dropped. I am old. Really I’m! I remember bumping to this in high school like it was yesterday.

Know it?

Thank you for Stopping By, hope you’re having a fantastic week so far. Don’t feel shy to leave me a feedback below. Also my pleasure 🙂


It’s Not Even my Birthday, Cake Cake Cake!(in Rihanna’s Voice :D )

No, it’s not my birthday!

But I couldn’t help to grab myself (well, it was technically meant for someone else) this beautiful peace of art. Yes, I consider great foods as art! The time, love and perfection it takes to make it come to life totally qualifies it as art.

Funny though, I am really not a pastries person. I don’t like baked things that also involve wheat, I guess it’s from having too much of it as a child. But once in a while, a piece or 2 does it.

This is probably the first cake I have had in 2019! Crazy Right? I’d not be surprised if the next one will be around the Christmas season.

You know what this reminds me off? Rihana’s Birthday Cake Song, And if you know her well, you definitely know this is not the kind of cake she had in mind, know what I mean? 😀

Anyway guys, I hope you are having an amazing May. Just a few days and we’ll be in June! Can you believe that? Also, if you’d be gracious to share your fave cakes that would be great! Added bonus for those with photo 🙂

Time to Kick Start this Steemy Day! See you Around!

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My Perfect Digital Lifestyle Day..

Yesterday was great!

If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was the ultimate digital lifestyle I have craved for most of my adult life. I hate monotony, and most classic jobs I have held in the past were full of it. Most of the time I would get bored so fast and quit. Other times I’d be fired cause I wasn;t delivering lol

Honestly though, I am not the kind of person that persons in an environment that doesn’t foster any form of creativity. I like to do different things on different days, not same old shit just a different day.

I remember one time when I was a group editor for some travel magazine company a year or 2 ago. My then boss was so annoyed cause we couldn’t come to a compromise in terms of my working hours, environment as well as articles for the magazine issues. I think that was the time I decided I would never work for another person for the rest of my life. Of course I’ve taken jobs since then, because, bills have to be paid!

Back to yesterday…

Sorry I digress. But yesterday was what I’d say would be the most perfect idea work day for me. Where I run errands and then sit at a cafe and create content hours on end. I am one of those people who are heavily rooting for Steem to succeed. I can see myself doing this for a really long time. I love it, it’s hustle free and most importantly, I can pay my utilities while at it.

If the price of price is going to act right, I can foresee a future where some of us making a living off this platform. I never bother looking for an actual job nowadays. Chance are, I’d probably be making what I am currently making on here with the recent Steem price. That’s about $300-$400 monthly. Can you believe that crap?

It’s really messed up out here especially for the youth in terms of job acquisition. I know people who have been looking for jobs for years to no avail, it’s that bad. How’s the job situation like where you’re at?

Anyway guys. I had a good time yesterday, I’d do it all over again to be honest. And I most likely will. Of course the food is always an added bonus of working in a cafe all day 😀

And of course it wouldn’t be an experience worth sharing without a selfie 🙂

Have Yourselves an Amazing Thursday <3 and remember to follow my personal blog if you enjoy my random ramblings or random photography sessions.


Daily Food Photography Challenge| Wednesday’s Dinner..

Hi There fellow foodies! Time for another fun #dailyfoodphotography contest entry! Today’s theme is Wednesday’s Dinner, with a prize pool of 70 Whalecoins, great right? To know me is to know I love my food, and more importantly, my meat! I don’t care what all the vegans out there say, there’s nothing wrong with loving your meat.

Today, we go a little more local 😀 Some Ugali (basically corn flour mix), beef and some kale mixed with spinach. Not sure if any of this is familiar with any of you, but if you can’t tell by now, Ugali is sort of a very common delicacy around here.

If you are ever in Nairobi, Kenya and wanted to try some local delicacy, then this is one of those MUST go to dishes.

Not the Most Yummy looking dish, but it can be tasty if properly prepared, you know, like the way I do it. 😛


Do you like fatty Meat? I DO!


I am usually not a Milk’s person, but I had a cup of milk to drive it all down. The next cup of milk I’ll have will probably be in a couple of weeks if not months. Do you like milk? Other than that, is this something you’d try ? 😀


That’s today’s Entry for Wednesday’s Dinner,

What Did you have for dinner of lunch for that matter today? Photos are very much welcome below this post, that is only if you wish to share. Wishing you guys a lovely time out there.

Love, El

Daily Food Photography Challenge| Tuesday’s 2SBD Lunch…

It’s that time again when we do another #dailyfoodphotography challenge guys! What do I love the most about it? To be honest, just the thought of how much the food I buy is worth in terms of Steem 😀

Today, I’m in town running some errands and I just caught a break to get some posts going. Currently having this delicious Masala Chips, not too hot but considerably hot and yummy! Do you guys have Masala fries where you’re at? It’s kind of a very popular delicacy on my side of the world.

Usually it comes with a salad or a Salsa, not that you get chose, you just get what that particular restaurant offers, crazy right? The only choice you have is to eat or leave it lol

Anyway guys, this plate cost $1.2 and my juice was $0.8, Exactly how much is that for Steem today? I prefer to think of it in SBD terms, cause some day Steem will be worth too much and the pain of spending steem today will be real! So, 2SBD lunch it is!

What would you buy with 2SBD in your country? That’s about 5.5 Steem according to today’s price. This little cafe I found in town today was very price friendly, nice atmosphere and not so crowded which is nearly a miracle especially in my City Centre, Nairobi.

What Did You Have for Lunch Today?

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A Not So Jungle Lions Experience, Kenya…

How’s everyone doing this last Week of April? 6 More days to go and we are into another new month! YAAAYYY!

I am excited to see this time passing by so quickly, what I am not excited about however is the direction the Steem Price has taken in the last 48 hours! I kid. I love it! You know why? Because I am secretly hoping we can get back to earning Steem for one quick round this year. If your goal is to accumulate some or as much as you can then you’d be with me on that 🙂

Other than that, just chilled going through some of the content I have take in the last couple of weeks in a bid to clear some space. Then I came across this badass lions from my trip to the animal orphanage the other day and decided to share them before they ca-put!

It’s going to be a while before I can have another wildlife experience, I feel like I have been to these places way too much in the last couple of months. I am also getting a little bored with the experience,. The only place I’s really really want to go back to is Maasai Mara and I don’t see any chance of that happening anytime soon.


All in all. I am in search of new adventures and places to visit across the city, preferably one I haven’t been to and it turns out that is a bit of a toll order. I never really gave much thought of how little there is to do in this city, kinda sucks!


Anyway guys, I hope you enjoy this images one last time. Do you have Lions where you’re at?How big are they? Believe it or not, this are baby lions, or at least most of them are. Not the hugest I’ve seen, but it is always a different great experience with each one of them.

If you enjoy this kind of content or just photography in general, then feel free to check out my personal blog for more.


Remember, Spread Love, Not War.

With Love,


My Less Than 2 STEEM Lunch?| The Power of the Steem Blockchain…Reflections & Motivation…

Probably not the best of food photography I have taken, but that is besides the point of this post. You see, recently I was at the city center and had this simple lunch, some fries and a bottle of soda. It really got me thinking of the power of the STEEM blockchain. This meal cost me just 2 STEEM, that’s less than $2 for those of you aren’t as familiar with the STEEM platform.

It just blows my mind when I think of how many people’s lives STEEM could potentially change. Imagine all the people out here struggling to get a job to feed their families , at this point Venezuela comes to mind and all the 3rd world countries that struggle so much on this end.

For $2 Steem Lunch, I can have breakfast, lunch and dinner from all my earnings though content creation on my Steem Blog from just one post a day. How insane is that?

This is the power of blockchain opportunities and platforms. I never really understood it as crystal and as I do now. So every-time I create content, I feel rather fortunate and passionate to keep it going, with the thought of the possibilities that lie ahead.

When I first joined the Steem Blockchain as a content creators. It was at STEEM’S All Time High in terms of price. I remember reading content of people buying trucks with their Steem Earnings, I remember reading about @surfermarly’s Steem Bought Land and House project, I was hella inspired and excited and in this moment, as I write this, I have that great gut feeling, encouraging me to keep going. How that going by the way girl?

How Much does 2 STEEM (<$2) get you in your country?

Even though I don’t indulge much with my STEEM Earnings, just knowing I can cash out and treat myself to anything I please is satisfaction enough. After all, they do say good things come to those who wait right? Keeping my eyes on the price for that $7.77 as @nathanmars would say. Here’s to making Steem Great and to Spreading the word to those that need to hear about it the most, like you, the one that just discovered my WordPress blog. What are you waiting for? 🙂

Want to know more about how to earn through your content?Check out STEEM.IO .

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Guava Picking at the Garden This Morning…

I woke up on some positive vibes today!

Not sure what it is, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s because my nephew just happened to drop by yesterday for a sleep over! Best Birthday Week Surprise Ever! Me and his little self have so much fun when he’s around, that is, when he’s not annoying the hell out of me by disarranging my room, my closet and eating all my snacks, tea is the other thing we fight about, we are total caffeine heads, and mark you, he’s barely 3.

I know what most of you probably are thinking, tea for a 3 year old? YES. That is what they have on this part of the world lol. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason they just don’t like milk/

Not to digress much, but today morning was quite smooth and fun. We spent the better part of the morning picking Guavas from the garden. Maybe you haven’t seen my guava vlogs in the past (recent one was last week), but we do have guava trees and they are currently ripening. Now the battle to harvest is between us and the birds, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say we totally won this round.

Just how I like them. Usually, when they are overly ripe, they are turn yellow and too soggy. I prefer mine crunchy and hard, just like this.

I guarantee you, it tasted as sweet as it looks, if not better. I would say we had a great run, picked up nearly 30 of them, thanks to my nephews nanny who is apparently very great at climbing tress lol. I remember I was great at that skill one time in my life, and then adolescent kicked in, aargh.

Do you guys have these fruits wherever you’re at? I imagine they are expensive out there. I have a friend in Europe who says they buy avocados for $4 sometimes. Man, that must be tough! BTW, Avocado is my fave fruits.

Here’s to loving nature for its abundance, just like @tribesteemup, I believe nature should be well taken care of in order for us to reap the full benefits. Do you? I imagine if we hadn’t natured and taken care of our trees and garden, then we’d not have had the amazing morning that we just did.

And this is where all the magic happened, you guys have probably seen me do vlogs here and never figured how fruitful these trees could be right? Now you do!

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