An Undervalued Arty Affair! Market Friday’s Part 2| Nairobi, Kenya.. $15 Art Anyone?

I am kind of very excited for this post. Mostly because I came across an art DApp when going through my choices for the @Oracle-d’s task for the week. Who knew there were so many DApps out there? If you are curious to know what I am talking about, then be sure to stick around my blog for that post. But for now, can we just acknowledge how talented this artists I found at the market this past Weekend are?

I don’t if it’s their choice of color for their paintings or it is just the images themselves, which I totally resonate with seeing that this is African art and I am Kenyan after all. But then again, just like music, art is food to the soul right?

I get overwhelmed every-time I see how much of this talent goes to waste, believe it or not, some of this pieces go for as low as $15. Crazy right? I sometimes wonder if they make any profits at all, let alone break even.

Seeing that this is a **Maasai Market**, alot of art you will find here revolves around the Maasai Culture and their way of life. Kids Milking, Wildlife, Women Cooking , Fetching fire wood, nursing their kids etc

Here are some more upclose shorts from this display.

I always have a Keen eye for wildlife. This certainly caught my attention, is it something you’d buy or even consider?

The Leopard or the Elephants?

This guy tried a monologue kind of vibe, not sure it it worked, what do you guys think?

One thing is for sure , the talent this guys have is unquestionable, just rather unfortunate it is close to zero value. If you have to get a piece from this collection though, which one would you opt for?

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Daily Food Photography Challenge| Tuesday’s 2SBD Lunch…

It’s that time again when we do another #dailyfoodphotography challenge guys! What do I love the most about it? To be honest, just the thought of how much the food I buy is worth in terms of Steem 😀

Today, I’m in town running some errands and I just caught a break to get some posts going. Currently having this delicious Masala Chips, not too hot but considerably hot and yummy! Do you guys have Masala fries where you’re at? It’s kind of a very popular delicacy on my side of the world.

Usually it comes with a salad or a Salsa, not that you get chose, you just get what that particular restaurant offers, crazy right? The only choice you have is to eat or leave it lol

Anyway guys, this plate cost $1.2 and my juice was $0.8, Exactly how much is that for Steem today? I prefer to think of it in SBD terms, cause some day Steem will be worth too much and the pain of spending steem today will be real! So, 2SBD lunch it is!

What would you buy with 2SBD in your country? That’s about 5.5 Steem according to today’s price. This little cafe I found in town today was very price friendly, nice atmosphere and not so crowded which is nearly a miracle especially in my City Centre, Nairobi.

What Did You Have for Lunch Today?

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Market Friday- Part 1 | Maasai Market, Kenya.. 5/4/2019

Today is one of those random days. Just woke up and decided to go out and see what the rest of the world is up to, you know, cause I spend a lot of my days on this platform mostly in my compound. Sometimes it can get very boring and demotivating to get anything done. Especially when the energy is abit low, just like the Steem price is currently 😀

Anyways, I am just from Maasai Market here in the City Center, Nairobi. Yes, Again! What can I say, when I like something I really do. Today, I wasn’t in much mood to capture anything to be honest. This thought did come across this morning on my usual curation shenanigans for the @gtg account. I came across this post by @dswigle about Market Friday’s and decided to head out to create some content. It may not be Friday @dswigle, but it sure was a great concept for me to delve into this Weekend. Seeing that today is Saturday, it fitted right in with the Weekly Maasai Market in my City.

This Market is dedicated to selling and showcasing commodities from one of Kenya’s most Authentic and long preservers of their culture- The Maasai. While I may have shared a little too much on this before, it is always a great experience at this market. I not only find different, unique stuff everytime I visit here, but also rejuvenate my creativity and motivation to keep on creating. Today was not any different.

These are traditional African drums. While most may not use them anymore due to the advancement in technology and all, they Maasai still use them in their day to day life. Like for church or other communal ceremonies. The modernized lot mostly improvise them for home decor.

I also came across this Animal printed Key Holders, not really something I would personally buy, but tourists seem to love such things a lot.


There were also thse very colorful hand wooven handbags. On Sunday’s you can spot a lot of women carrying those.

Here’s a few more shots from the Market..

These next are traditional Maasai Women working on their beaded ornaments. The do Such a great job. Maasai’s Culture is symbolized by a lot of jewelry and very colorful ones for that matter.

Here’s some of what they make. Mostly work on your head, neck, arms, legs and waist. The also have belts and rings etc

Some necklaces look like this. Of Course they come in different shapes and sizes. Also, if you are really patient, they can so customized orders. You know, like if you prefer to have your name or a loved one’s name written on them. I got one of those today 😉

Some of the belts I’m talking about..

Some of the cloth stalls. This are not Maasai Outfits, but they are very popular around here. They are called Dira.

Believe it or not, these are chairs/sits. I am not very sure I’d be comfortable sitting on them, but they’d be cool to go to the beach with. Assuming they are fold-able 😀

YEP. They are.

Some more wood carvings. This are like salad bowls or soup bowls depending on how you prefer to use them. Some prefer to use them as fruit baskets too.

This is where it gets interesting. The horns are traditional cups. Mostly they are used by elders to drink local brew and in the case of the Maasai, to drink milk in. The artists in this market have also found a way to reduce them to salt shakers or pepper shakers for those who prefer it so. And some small bowls too.

You could use this little baskets to store jewelry or anything else you see fit. How cute?

More Bags and Bead Work//

Let’s call it a blog shall we? 🙂 I have to get home. Been sitting in this cafe sipping coffee as I create this post. Now have to go home. But I should quickly mention, I have a lot more from today’s market escapade so you can look out for that. Tomorrow I will cover more jewelry and mostly art pieces. Trust me, it’s not something you want to miss!

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RECAP| Maasai Mara,Kenya| Upclose & Personal with Simba..

Tell you what, I know it’s not Thursday to warrant a throwback, but I woke up on such an adventurous mood. The mood that screams danger but you still don’t care!Know what I mean? If I could, I’d pack a bag and off I’d go back to this amazing African jungle. But seeing I can’t, I am left to reminisce on this amazing experience with my amazing photography skills (which got really sharpened, tested and put to work on this trip) 😀

It was such a pleasure to have a moment or 3 viewing these beasts. This is not the tamed version of probably what most of you have out there. This is Simba in his most natural habitat. Smells all sort of danger, but the experience was worth it.

Wanna know what the best part about this experience was? Simba had a Mrs. This ultimately means we really got treated to some ‘action’ 😀 It was great for the most part, except the very uptight adults in the family would make the rest of us feel horrible for enjoying some lion porn lol

This next photo was absolutely my favorite! Would explain why I’m sharing it twice 🙂

I think it’s pretty obvious this was post action from just how she lays there, weak and exhausted lol. Seriously though, they don’t call Him the King of the Jungle for No Reason Right?

Aren’t they just a beauty to marvel at? If you haven’t been to Kenya yet for the full African Safari Experience, then I highly suggest to add that on to your buckelist! It’s an experience like no other! Just look at how vast that jungle is, thousands of wildlife to be spotted.


Did you know lion honey mooners mate every 15 minutes for an entire week in a bid to procreate? Approximately 96 times per day! See, I told you, King of the jungle! 😀

Usually they mostly are in environments that camouflage with their look, like dried grassland, we were just very lucky to find them on this greener side of the jungle, which made it more fun and visible for photography. I would trade a trip to the beach or to the mall for this any day! Always something new to marvel at with wild game.

Have you been on an African Safari? How was your experience? If not, is it something you’d want to do or not?

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Spread Love, Not War| Sunday Funday with A..


Though my feet are still hurting from so much walking and carrying the most heavy baby there probably is in my family, I’d still say we had a pretty awesome Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I can be so random that I don’t even understand where that side of me crawls from.


Kinda woke up very moody and grumpy today to be honest. Not sure why, maybe it is as a result of so much build up of events, and so, I wanted to do something random and out of the norm. I decided to play my nephews mother(I prefer best aunt ever) and took him out to the mall to play.


For the better part I just sat and watched him drive away his toy car and race with other kids. I sort of was jealous at how much fun it can be to be young & carefree, not that kids would know, heck, neither did we know when we were at that age, but they really have it good.


It was also a great time to mingle with other young mums and just marvel at how effortlessly they seemed to be doing their roles. I don;t know how they honestly do it. One week with my nephews feels like an years worth of hard work on most weeks. It takes so long before I can get back to my momentum once he leaves. Especially catching up witj my sleep and resting my bones from all the running around, carrying him around and just basically doing anything & everything he pleases!See? It’s certainly great to be a kid!


It did however help that the sun was out and the skies were clear, sometimes the universe does conspire to ensure we have the best of our days. How beautiful does this look?

Besides Adrian crying cause he didn’t want to leave, I’d say we had a pretty decent day. Sometimes I feel I need to sacrifice my fresh air in the suburbs to appreciate I don’t have to deal with all the pollution and carbon monoxide emissions in the city center. Today was one of those days 😀

How’s Your Sunday Been? Hope as lovely as it could have been. If you enjoy this kind of random, fun photography content, then do check my personal blog for more. See You on the Next Post.


Love, Elsie.

Some of Us Have to Work Twice as Hard & That’s OK|Wake UP. Show Up. Create. Repeat!

What is it that they say?

Success is No Accident..

Today I can’t help but reflect on what it takes for some of us to actually reach some of the goals we have set for ourselves. Be it on our STEEM blogs or in life. I have come to the realization that some of us have to work twice as hard to achieve what others seem to achieve on just the first round. Ans that’s perfectly fine.

Why is that?

Some would argue it’s just bad luck or the universe’s way of balancing things out, but I’d argue circumstance and Law of Attraction. Ever wondered why it is so difficut for negative people to actually achieve anything good? Why most of their life seems like such a mess? I strongly believe in the law of attraction, the energy you send out to the universe eventually comes back to you

So, if you have to work twice as hard to keep that positive mindset to send the positive results you desire in your life, I say do it. If you have to work twice as hard on your blog to get your desired payout or your desired following, influence then do it! Whatever it is, work as hard and as smart as you possibly can to make it happen.

It is not until this moment that I have realized how much work I’ve hard to put in to bring my Steem Blog to What it is now. I remember when I started out I could hardly earn $1 on a post, most of it were cents and I tirelessly made 3-5 posts per day for nearly 6 months before I got any positive results.

My First most memorable post was worth $5, I cannot tell you the excitement that came with it, how eye opening it was, how I could eventually see potential in the Steem Blockchain as every content creators dream come true. Being paid in real time for a job well done, either in photography or blogs or vlogs, I could finally see myself doing this fulltime.

Later on when I discovered DTube, I made a freaking $80 0n my first DTube Vlog. To date, that still remains my most highly post. and I still remember it like yesterday. Since then, I have created at least a single Dtube Vlog on My DTube Channel, and at least 2 posts a day on my Steem Blog.

Why? Because I have a dream and a vision, that my blog will either be a way out to financial freedom or my back up retirement plan. If I have to work twice as hard to make that happen, then that is what I will do. That is what I do on a daily basis.

My Motto?

Wake UP. Show Up. Create. Repeat!

There is power in consistency I have come to learn, after all, the key to success is consistency right?

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Mother Nature is Coming Around…. Hopefully..

For those of you that have been following my vlogs lately, you might have noticed my ramblings about the scotching sunny weather we have been having lately! I kid you not, it’s been unbelievably hot around here, nothing like we have experienced before. It’s so bad to an extent the people on the North side of Kenya have to get food and water aid of the worst we have experienced for years!

It’s can be very overwhelming when you see people starving and dying as a result. The North of Kenya is like a desert, very hard to get water and resources, and it is filled with communities that are still clung to their traditional ways of life. People who still believe livestock is their only source of livelihood, people who still feed on milk and blood, barely any education and some still practice FGM(female genital mutilation), can you believe that?

All in all, there have been efforts to shed more light in those communities, with the government stepping in by setting up schools and trying to encourage the communities to educate their children, especially the girl child who has been neglected for far too long.

Good News though, yesterday we may have had a turn of events, it was gloomy and raining for a few minutes, which is all to say the rainy season is nearly here. God Knows ho much we need those rains to come through.


Look at how gloomy it was yesterday. Today it’s still bright as heell, but it may just rain in the evening. Keeping our fingers crossed.


One last shot…


Hope you guys are having/had a better Easter break than I did. Tomorrow’s another great and beautiful day. See you then.



The Drought Season is Here…

I have been reading a lot of “spring is here” kind of posts, people get excited by the change in weather, something I feel most of us on my part of the world would not understand. It’s always a tropical kind of weather here, all year long! The closest we come to winter is during the long rain season, and even then, the air is just warm and humid.


I have never really experienced snow, or been in a country that did, so to see people get excited about Spring kind of baffles me to some extent. I’ll say one thing though, if Spring gets your flowers popping like that, I’d be hella excited as well.

On my end though, we are going through the worst kind of drought we have seen in a really long time. We have one major dam that supplies the entire Nairobi city with water, and as of today, it is only 44% full. Something that causes some sort of alarm.

What does this mean for the average household?

Water rationing!

Which is something most people dread in the city. Sometimes it’s so bad people have to resolve to buying water. I know it’s bad when our garden and compound is as dry and dusty as it is now. I cannot remember the last time I saw nearly all our flowers , grass and trees this dried up.

Only some few of the strongest species still stand,like this one here, which really sucks cause my mum puts in a lot of work on them.


Water is a basic need, just like food & clothing are, it’s just sad to see some places still struggle with this. Sometimes it feels like it’s mother nature’s way of balancing things out, other times, it just feels really unfair and biased of her.

All in all, the weather man says we should expect some rainfall by the end of April, hopefully things won’t be out of control before then. I am just Thankful and fortunate to be where I am, here, we don;t have to worry as much about it. But I feel for those that are already feeling the pressure of this heat wave.


To the rest of you,Enjoy You Spring Out There! Keep the Flowers Photos Coming! Totally Love those.

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My Less Than 2 STEEM Lunch?| The Power of the Steem Blockchain…Reflections & Motivation…

Probably not the best of food photography I have taken, but that is besides the point of this post. You see, recently I was at the city center and had this simple lunch, some fries and a bottle of soda. It really got me thinking of the power of the STEEM blockchain. This meal cost me just 2 STEEM, that’s less than $2 for those of you aren’t as familiar with the STEEM platform.

It just blows my mind when I think of how many people’s lives STEEM could potentially change. Imagine all the people out here struggling to get a job to feed their families , at this point Venezuela comes to mind and all the 3rd world countries that struggle so much on this end.

For $2 Steem Lunch, I can have breakfast, lunch and dinner from all my earnings though content creation on my Steem Blog from just one post a day. How insane is that?

This is the power of blockchain opportunities and platforms. I never really understood it as crystal and as I do now. So every-time I create content, I feel rather fortunate and passionate to keep it going, with the thought of the possibilities that lie ahead.

When I first joined the Steem Blockchain as a content creators. It was at STEEM’S All Time High in terms of price. I remember reading content of people buying trucks with their Steem Earnings, I remember reading about @surfermarly’s Steem Bought Land and House project, I was hella inspired and excited and in this moment, as I write this, I have that great gut feeling, encouraging me to keep going. How that going by the way girl?

How Much does 2 STEEM (<$2) get you in your country?

Even though I don’t indulge much with my STEEM Earnings, just knowing I can cash out and treat myself to anything I please is satisfaction enough. After all, they do say good things come to those who wait right? Keeping my eyes on the price for that $7.77 as @nathanmars would say. Here’s to making Steem Great and to Spreading the word to those that need to hear about it the most, like you, the one that just discovered my WordPress blog. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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Views from the National Park, Nairobi Kenya

Normally, I’m not the kind of person that likes to hangout in an open public park, unless there’s wildlife to view. Like this one here. We have both conservative and recreational parks in Kenya, and surprisingly or not, I have never ever considered going to a recreational park. It is probably because there isn’t much to do there, besides boat rides and people watching, oh and cheap snacks. Other than that, not much.


This Park however, is an animal conservancy kind of park, most of you would think of it as a zoo, but it is actually a park. Most often than not, people go here to view wildlife, chill on the benches and watch monkeys that blend in with humanity, or just go for photography purposes. This first image was however very striking and catchy, living in a city that was once almost drowning in garbabge, it’s great to see initiatives like this that strive to keep the environment clean.


As you can tell, we are somewhat very in with the dry season. Like I am always mentioning, the sun out here feel like being in an oven from hell. I think the dust in this photo is a clear indication of what I mean with this. On normal days however, it is usually very green, the benches literally blend in with the grass.


Isn’t this such a cool sculpture? Kids love to take photos on it. If you didn’t know, Kenya is one of those countries that is pleasantly blessed with the Big 5 wildlife in the world. And yes, Rhinos are among those.


And so are buffalos. This was a baby buffalo. Normally, the adults are usually very agitated, to a point of charging and wanting to literally kill anyone on their way. This one however, was very calm and busy minding their business. If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably confuse it for a cow lol


And of course it wouldn’t be a complete trip without a selfie right? 😀 Totally had fun with this!

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