Guava Picking at the Garden This Morning…

I woke up on some positive vibes today!

Not sure what it is, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s because my nephew just happened to drop by yesterday for a sleep over! Best Birthday Week Surprise Ever! Me and his little self have so much fun when he’s around, that is, when he’s not annoying the hell out of me by disarranging my room, my closet and eating all my snacks, tea is the other thing we fight about, we are total caffeine heads, and mark you, he’s barely 3.

I know what most of you probably are thinking, tea for a 3 year old? YES. That is what they have on this part of the world lol. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason they just don’t like milk/

Not to digress much, but today morning was quite smooth and fun. We spent the better part of the morning picking Guavas from the garden. Maybe you haven’t seen my guava vlogs in the past (recent one was last week), but we do have guava trees and they are currently ripening. Now the battle to harvest is between us and the birds, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say we totally won this round.

Just how I like them. Usually, when they are overly ripe, they are turn yellow and too soggy. I prefer mine crunchy and hard, just like this.

I guarantee you, it tasted as sweet as it looks, if not better. I would say we had a great run, picked up nearly 30 of them, thanks to my nephews nanny who is apparently very great at climbing tress lol. I remember I was great at that skill one time in my life, and then adolescent kicked in, aargh.

Do you guys have these fruits wherever you’re at? I imagine they are expensive out there. I have a friend in Europe who says they buy avocados for $4 sometimes. Man, that must be tough! BTW, Avocado is my fave fruits.

Here’s to loving nature for its abundance, just like @tribesteemup, I believe nature should be well taken care of in order for us to reap the full benefits. Do you? I imagine if we hadn’t natured and taken care of our trees and garden, then we’d not have had the amazing morning that we just did.

And this is where all the magic happened, you guys have probably seen me do vlogs here and never figured how fruitful these trees could be right? Now you do!

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A Little Glimpse of My Busy City, Nairobi Kenya + What They Don’t Tell You About Africa..

Documenting my country has become an integral part of my Steem Journey to be honest. There’s a sense of patriotism, pride and gratitude that comes with being proud of where you come from. It’s also a big influence in how one chooses to portray their home. After all, East or West, Home is best right?

I have a feeling most people only get to hear of the hard, messy instances when it comes to African countries. Sometimes when people mention Africa, most people tend to think of poverty, war and diseases. But that is far from the truth. The thing is, they don’t show you the best part of our continent. Like how great the weather is out here, or how hard working people are out here.

Like it’s clearly demonstrated on this photos I took while at the city center last weekend. People break sweat to get bread on the table, literally.

It’s really all about misconceptions.

One of the most annoying thing about the fast world on an honest note, is how majority of the people tend to think Africa is a country. That is always a deal breaker for me. Like C’mon! C’MON!

I don’t mean to digress, but my thoughts are all over, it happens when I get overwhelmed on a topic I feel deeply about. Like I was saying, there’s more than meets the eye. Sure, we have the bad and ugly in Kenya, but we also have the good and the great parts of it.

If you didn’t know by now, I love to people observe, and photography is a big part of that hobby, clearly.

Need I mention again how awesome our public transportation buses are? They are mostly hella pimped out with graffiti, killa club banging kind of music, tv screens and cctv cams. It’s just one of those experiences you can’t miss when in Nairobi.

Not some of the best captures I’ve done, understandably, I was in a moving bus when I took the photos. Hopefully soon I can do a better job. Here’s one more.

How exciting is public transportation in your country? This is something we go hard on. We actually call this **Matatu Culture** Matatu is Swahili for Bus.

What is that one thing that makes you very proud of where you’re from?

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Monkey See,Monkey Do| Meet My Monkey Friends…

I am on that monkey business today lol, Like literally…

What is that one monkey quote that comes to mind when you see a monkey? For me, we have this African proverb that says;

The Short the Monkey, the longer the tail..

Usually, it is in regard to short men and their whatevs if you know what I mean. Not sure who came up with the proverb, probably a girl that had met so many short men that had longer tails 😀

On another note though, we have plenty of monkeys in my country. Not sure there’s actually a country without some of this very fascinating creatures. I could observe them for hours to be honest, they are like actual humans, only a little aggressive but human in every way I can think of, well, except the looks.

This are some of my shots from my trip at the animal orphanage last Weekend. It was a pretty awesome experience.

This one was a little mischievous, but then again, aren’t they all? He was stealing food from the birds cage. I remember the last time I went with my nephew, one of them snatched his chocolate. Poor Guy was terrified for days lol

I never really understood why they hurt their butts like that. They literally rub themselves on stones until pink, I think the mother does it to her children? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Off he went..

On another note, remember this sculpture from last year? I still think it’s pretty awesome, don’t you?

How’s your weekend been? Mine’s been pretty boring, just binge watching some series, strategizing for the coming week and just basically taking it a day at a time.

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What Makes Dogs Man’s Best Friend? Meet Our Pup!Did You Know Dogs Can Smell Cancer Even in It’s Early Stages?

I don’t know why, nut I have been pondering on this since yesterday. For as long as we can remember, we have always had dogs and puppies in our compound. The funny thing is, we never buy them or ask friends to share with us, they just come and never leave. I find myself thinking they never really have a constant home in the first place.

But really, why do they call dogs a man’s best friend?

The first thought that truly comes to mind is probably because the aim to protect us and warm us in case of danger,but is that really what friendship is based upon?

It’s probably different out there, but around here people hardly care much for dogs. They roam the street freely, look for their own food and basically never really have a stable place to call home. It’s really not that much of a deal. Some people who truly love theirs do care for them, don’t get me wrong, but the bigger majority don’t.

I find it really weird and fascinating when I watch movies and see people washing them or taking them to shelter and what not, to be honest , now that I think about it, I don’t think I have never seen a dog shelter in Kenya.

On another note though, here is our new pup. I remember showing you guys some seven pups a while back in one of my vlogs. Unfortunately, they all died. I think they may have been poisoned. This one however, is a few months old and I only hope he lives a long better life. Isn’t it cute?

I read somewhere recently that dogs can smell cancer, even in it’s early stages, that’s why they tend to be very sympathetic towards cancer patients and ultimately people who have life threatening diseases. More like they can smell someone who’s about to die. Isn’t that crazy? Have you heard or read anything of the sort?

Nothing like a mothers love they say… Or is it Chocolate & Vanilla? 😀

When I look at the contrast between the mother and the pup, I can’t help but think of that quote that says don’t be afraid to stand out… or something like that.

Do You Have Pups or Dogs or Pets for that matter? Would you say they are your best friend? Know of any fun dog facts? Share with me if you please.

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Nairobi Animal Orphanage Bird Experience..

Happy 4th of April to you 🙂

Yesterday was a great day wasn’t it? We went through some amazing wildlife photography from my recent animal orphanage tour here in my capital city, Nairobi. In case you missed it, you can check out it out below.

Kenyan Wildlife Experience at Nairobi Animal Orphanage| Imagery Post

Today however, I wanna share something from the same tour but more so related to birds and other small animals I came across. Since being on the STEEM blockchain, I have picked up a lot of interests that I never knew I’d cultivate. One of those is wildlife and photography. So everytime an opportunity like this presents itself, I never ever hesitate, if anything, I get super excited to get things rolling.

In my previous writing escapades, I’d never have been the kind of person that goes out to do photography or find such little birds very beautiful and fascinating. Because they are right?

Not even sure what the bird is called, but it was such a beauty to marvel at. It must be exotic and important to be at the orphanage in my opinion.

Talking of birds…

Did you know Kenya has over 500 bird species so far? It is actually a bird watchers paradise out here. Seen a lot of them around here and some researchers of the same. It must have something to do with our weather and the tropical rain forests across the country. In case that’s one of your interests, now you know where to go next for your next bird escapade.

This one has one of the most striking blue color I has ever seen. It’s unfortunately far, but it really was a beauty.

I don’t know what you’re thinking about these, but I am thinking they probably taste so much better than chicken! Lol But seriously, I bet there are people out here who eat this. My first guess would be West Africa, those guys are very exotic.

What do you think these birds are called?

This weren’t part of the confined animals, but I thought it was rather interesting how they come to scavenge around this dirt. Not sure what dead animal they were feasting on, but it looked like a bird of some sort from far. There’s plenty of vultures around here.

All in all, I hope you guys enjoyed this photography post. If you did, please leave me a comment below , it’ll totally motivate me to keep them coming 🙂

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Kenyan Wildlife Experience at Nairobi Animal Orphanage| Imagery Post

There’s just something about being surrounded by wildlife in my low moments that just brings me solace. It’s not something I’d have discovered without this amazing blockchain. I never would have been so interested in photography to the extent of getting out of my comfort zone to go out and do the necessary.

I spent a good part of my past Sunday at The Nairobi Animal Orphanage just mingling and observing wildlife. For those of you that are not new to my STEEM blog, you might recall I visited this place sometime last year and drop 1 or 2 vlogs about it. While I did manage to capture both some photography and video content, this time was solely to take my new canon M50 on a test drive, and I must say, it was rather fun and fulfilling.


Besides the plenty of lions that seem to have taken over the orphanage, I did manage to capture some buffalo shots, leopards, monkeys, cheetah,warthogs, the ultimately dangerous African Wild-dog, some African wild cats, some birds of some sort , hyenas, and so on..


Yes, I said dogs and cats, some of you may think that’s not necessary or such a biggy, but trust me, the original African Wild dogs and cats can be extremely dangerous.


Not Sure why this African dog needs so much water, more like a swimming pool or just it’s way to kill boredom. Whatever the case, it seemed pretty happy about it. This is definitely one of those animals I’d never want to come across with either in the mountains or the African Jungles. There are books, myths and beliefs written about them, the sort you’d hear about a kid and pee on yourself all week. I kid you not.

And of course where there’s a dog there’s a cat. Isn’t that why they call it raining cats & dogs? 😀

More of the Cat family…

Most of you probably love this kind of print on your clothes right? I can see why, it’s beautiful af.

One thing I gotta say though, the grid kind of made it hard to take proper photos. You totally can’t compare this with taking photos in the open African jungle. Remember those Masai Mara posts I did a few weeks ago? So much better! Also the animals at the orphanage are a bit far from the fence, so without a good zoom lens it becomes hard to get great shots.

I think I’ve done a couple of posts on Buffalos this past year. I had never seen a baby before, they are actually more calm and less angry unlike the adults who are always agitated and ready to strike at any given moment.

I’m gonna end this post here. I’m not a sucker for super long posts, plus I wanna make sure you guys come back for more tomorrow. Do you like the African wildlife or any kind of wildlife for that matter? Leave me a comment below.

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