Daily Food Photography Challenge| Tuesday’s 2SBD Lunch…

It’s that time again when we do another #dailyfoodphotography challenge guys! What do I love the most about it? To be honest, just the thought of how much the food I buy is worth in terms of Steem 😀

Today, I’m in town running some errands and I just caught a break to get some posts going. Currently having this delicious Masala Chips, not too hot but considerably hot and yummy! Do you guys have Masala fries where you’re at? It’s kind of a very popular delicacy on my side of the world.

Usually it comes with a salad or a Salsa, not that you get chose, you just get what that particular restaurant offers, crazy right? The only choice you have is to eat or leave it lol

Anyway guys, this plate cost $1.2 and my juice was $0.8, Exactly how much is that for Steem today? I prefer to think of it in SBD terms, cause some day Steem will be worth too much and the pain of spending steem today will be real! So, 2SBD lunch it is!

What would you buy with 2SBD in your country? That’s about 5.5 Steem according to today’s price. This little cafe I found in town today was very price friendly, nice atmosphere and not so crowded which is nearly a miracle especially in my City Centre, Nairobi.

What Did You Have for Lunch Today?

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