Daily Food Photography Challenge| Tuesday’s Lunch..

Wednesday the 16th, April 2019!
Can you believe how fast into the year we already are? I have my mind blown away every single damn time I think about how fast I’m growing old!

Stay positive Elsie, Stay Positive!

I’m trying, I really I’m. One of the things that I have found that tends to help me do that is my simple daily photography and doing my daily vlogs. Also, to know me is to know I love my food as much as I love my life!In another life I’d probably be a food vlogger or photographer, but as it is, I am neither given my circumstances. But who knows, I might actually explore that side of my life in this lifetime.

But like the title of today’s challenge suggests, we are dailg the #dailyfoodphotography challenge courtesy of @jznsamuel. I am a couple of hours late for the Tuesday’s Lunch entry, but don’t they say better late than never?


I think this dish is very popular in very many parts of the world, the only difference is on how people prepare it, and probably how they call it. On my part of the world, we call this beef stew. There are alot of ways to make it also, it’s usually a mix of beef, potatoes, carrots and sometimes peas. How do you have your beef stew?


Normally we accompany it with some rice, or chapati, like I had mine yesterday. Here’s some chapati.


I am not that big a fan of chapati, but it makes for a great meal once in a while. Not sure if you guys have this where you’re from, but it’s just dough flattened and cooked with cooking oil on a pan. Maybe a recipe one of this days, who knows.


It’s a wrap guys, if you love food and photography content then have a look on my other personal blog.



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