Mother Nature is Coming Around…. Hopefully..

For those of you that have been following my vlogs lately, you might have noticed my ramblings about the scotching sunny weather we have been having lately! I kid you not, it’s been unbelievably hot around here, nothing like we have experienced before. It’s so bad to an extent the people on the North side of Kenya have to get food and water aid of the worst we have experienced for years!

It’s can be very overwhelming when you see people starving and dying as a result. The North of Kenya is like a desert, very hard to get water and resources, and it is filled with communities that are still clung to their traditional ways of life. People who still believe livestock is their only source of livelihood, people who still feed on milk and blood, barely any education and some still practice FGM(female genital mutilation), can you believe that?

All in all, there have been efforts to shed more light in those communities, with the government stepping in by setting up schools and trying to encourage the communities to educate their children, especially the girl child who has been neglected for far too long.

Good News though, yesterday we may have had a turn of events, it was gloomy and raining for a few minutes, which is all to say the rainy season is nearly here. God Knows ho much we need those rains to come through.


Look at how gloomy it was yesterday. Today it’s still bright as heell, but it may just rain in the evening. Keeping our fingers crossed.


One last shot…


Hope you guys are having/had a better Easter break than I did. Tomorrow’s another great and beautiful day. See you then.



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