Nairobi Animal Orphanage Bird Experience..

Happy 4th of April to you 🙂

Yesterday was a great day wasn’t it? We went through some amazing wildlife photography from my recent animal orphanage tour here in my capital city, Nairobi. In case you missed it, you can check out it out below.

Kenyan Wildlife Experience at Nairobi Animal Orphanage| Imagery Post

Today however, I wanna share something from the same tour but more so related to birds and other small animals I came across. Since being on the STEEM blockchain, I have picked up a lot of interests that I never knew I’d cultivate. One of those is wildlife and photography. So everytime an opportunity like this presents itself, I never ever hesitate, if anything, I get super excited to get things rolling.

In my previous writing escapades, I’d never have been the kind of person that goes out to do photography or find such little birds very beautiful and fascinating. Because they are right?

Not even sure what the bird is called, but it was such a beauty to marvel at. It must be exotic and important to be at the orphanage in my opinion.

Talking of birds…

Did you know Kenya has over 500 bird species so far? It is actually a bird watchers paradise out here. Seen a lot of them around here and some researchers of the same. It must have something to do with our weather and the tropical rain forests across the country. In case that’s one of your interests, now you know where to go next for your next bird escapade.

This one has one of the most striking blue color I has ever seen. It’s unfortunately far, but it really was a beauty.

I don’t know what you’re thinking about these, but I am thinking they probably taste so much better than chicken! Lol But seriously, I bet there are people out here who eat this. My first guess would be West Africa, those guys are very exotic.

What do you think these birds are called?

This weren’t part of the confined animals, but I thought it was rather interesting how they come to scavenge around this dirt. Not sure what dead animal they were feasting on, but it looked like a bird of some sort from far. There’s plenty of vultures around here.

All in all, I hope you guys enjoyed this photography post. If you did, please leave me a comment below , it’ll totally motivate me to keep them coming 🙂

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