Of Easter Traditions… Happy Easter Weekend Y’all!


It’s the infamous Easter Weekend!

Not sure if it’s such a big deal out there, but here, the most exciting part about it for most is getting a free day of off work! People love public holidays, it’s always a great reason to over indulge in food and mostly alcohol! I bet most started getting ready for this Weekend when the month began.

We have such a strong drinking culture in Kenya it’s no longer something we can conceal. On most other normal Weekends, Partying Starts on Thursday evening(Cause Thursday is the new Friday) and ends on Sunday Evening.I was guilty of this back then when I was in corporate. We’d get so excited at the thought of the weekend approaching.

Now, I can only imagine how excited most offices were this entire Week. This was and most likely will be the longest Weekend they will have for the rest of the year. I guess when you think of it as such, then there’s no shame in indulging as much as anyone possibly can.

The point of this post however, was to ask you guys what Easter Traditions you have wherever you’re from. I see people talking about Easter eggs & Easter bunnies on my timeline, and quite frankly, I have no idea what that’s all about, but it’s great to see people get excited over colorful eggs & bunnies. They are beautiful.

Besides the drinking and the partying, those that don’t really indulge tend to go to church, especially on Good Friday, and just praise & worship, remembering that God is the season for the season. Depending on where one is, it sort of feels like a Mini Xmas. And who doesn’t like Christmas right?

While personally I’ll not be indulging in anything (I will be here creating & pushing as always), it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In fact, I want to encourage you to go out there and enjoy this long a** Weekend, do that one thing you have been wanting to do but putting it on hold. Personally I don’t have any of that at the moment, but if I did, I would so be jumping on it.

Other than that, I just wanted to take a minute to Wish You All An Amazing Easter Weekend! Have a Blast!

Lotsa <3, Elsie.


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