Some of Us Have to Work Twice as Hard & That’s OK|Wake UP. Show Up. Create. Repeat!

What is it that they say?

Success is No Accident..

Today I can’t help but reflect on what it takes for some of us to actually reach some of the goals we have set for ourselves. Be it on our STEEM blogs or in life. I have come to the realization that some of us have to work twice as hard to achieve what others seem to achieve on just the first round. Ans that’s perfectly fine.

Why is that?

Some would argue it’s just bad luck or the universe’s way of balancing things out, but I’d argue circumstance and Law of Attraction. Ever wondered why it is so difficut for negative people to actually achieve anything good? Why most of their life seems like such a mess? I strongly believe in the law of attraction, the energy you send out to the universe eventually comes back to you

So, if you have to work twice as hard to keep that positive mindset to send the positive results you desire in your life, I say do it. If you have to work twice as hard on your blog to get your desired payout or your desired following, influence then do it! Whatever it is, work as hard and as smart as you possibly can to make it happen.

It is not until this moment that I have realized how much work I’ve hard to put in to bring my Steem Blog to What it is now. I remember when I started out I could hardly earn $1 on a post, most of it were cents and I tirelessly made 3-5 posts per day for nearly 6 months before I got any positive results.

My First most memorable post was worth $5, I cannot tell you the excitement that came with it, how eye opening it was, how I could eventually see potential in the Steem Blockchain as every content creators dream come true. Being paid in real time for a job well done, either in photography or blogs or vlogs, I could finally see myself doing this fulltime.

Later on when I discovered DTube, I made a freaking $80 0n my first DTube Vlog. To date, that still remains my most highly post. and I still remember it like yesterday. Since then, I have created at least a single Dtube Vlog on My DTube Channel, and at least 2 posts a day on my Steem Blog.

Why? Because I have a dream and a vision, that my blog will either be a way out to financial freedom or my back up retirement plan. If I have to work twice as hard to make that happen, then that is what I will do. That is what I do on a daily basis.

My Motto?

Wake UP. Show Up. Create. Repeat!

There is power in consistency I have come to learn, after all, the key to success is consistency right?

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Love, Elsie.

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