STEEM is Terribly Falling| Rank #70 on CMC| Who is to Blame? BTC About to Hit 10K, Is Steem Dead?


Exactly my reaction when I looked at Steem’s position on CMC! I know we keep saying there’s nothing wrong with STEEM, that it will catch up and that it is still heading in the right direction, but from where I stand, it doesn’t seem that way! There is power in numbers and right now it seems like we are losing them.

I am not trying to cause any panic or discourage anyone, but I think we really need to pay attention as to why STEEM is drastically falling and under performing. Some would argue it is the constant sell orders by Steemit Inc, but who is buying if they are selling?

Also, I think we cannot solely put it on Steemit Inc, tokens are meant to be trad-able and not just for Holding. If there aren’t enough investors or buyers for the token, then that means there are not enough people finding the value in the token hence the drastic fall.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think we seriously need to look into marketing the platform. Like serious, proper, professional marketing. Not users putting out tweets and posts on social media in what seems like an indirect forceful advertisement, but rather in an informative, fun and friendly manner.

It feels like every couple of weeks I come back here with the same rant to no solution, sometimes, rather most times it doesn’t even feel like people care enough, but I just really wish I knew the secret formula to use to help push this lovely blockchain to the level it deserves. I don’t know what it is, but STEEM is terribly failing at something, and I am not sure this HF21 & EPS is going to make things any better. In fact, I fear it might make things pretty worse.

Can you believe Bitcoin is about to Hit 10k & Steem can barely stabilize at $0.40? Very disappointing!

Pleasant Friday to All <3

Happy #SPUD DAY FAM <3 |300 STEEM Powered Up! Remember, Show Us Proof or It Didn't Happen ;)

SPUD – Steem Power Up Day is Finally Here!

Man, I am kind of very excited! I am a sucker for community effort and I have sort of been very eager to see how this spans out and the effect it will have for our platform in general!

If you are a little behind, we are dedicating 1st of May towards powering up as much STEEM as we can, Together! No matter how much or little you can afford, it all counts in the long run, so do join us!

I have been reading a lot of interesting articles and sentiments on this virtual event. But one thing I have derived from most if not all, it that this is a testament of our belief in this blockchain! If you strongly believe in the future of the Steem blockchain, then here is a chance for you to put your money where your mouth is..

Personally I haven’t much to power up, but I have managed to convert some of my SBD to Steem which is what I will be powering up in support of Steem Power Up Day. Approxiamtely 300 Steem is what I’ll be powering up.


Part of which, I won courtesy of the Awareness & Engagement Contest held by @jeronimorubio, It was such a timely win right? 😀


The goal of this event is to have as many people as possible to participate in the Steem Power Up, with at least 15 STEEM and on wards. I know there are people who have formed a constant habit of doing this whenever they can, which is commendable, and there are those hardly do due to other commitments. If you are among the later, then this is a special call to make a difference today.

Other than that, Imagine how much you’ll have invested in yourself and your blog if Steem is to hit that $7.77 @nathanmars is tirelessly talking about. If that’s not motivation enough to go hard today with #SPUD, then I don’t know what is.

For some weird reason, I strongly believe we might see this price come to life. The pressure has been building up for sometime now, it may not seem so right now especially cause STEEM took a dump this week, but I strongly believe the BTC Bull is just a about to wake up, and you know what that means for Steem, after all, history does tend to repeat itself…

So What are you waiting for? Join #SPUD Today!

PS; If You Don’t Show Proof 😀

Special Thanks to @Streetstyle for Coming Up with this Amazing Event! For the Love of the Steem Blockchain, Happy #SPUD DAY Y’ALL >3