My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard :D

Hey Fellow Pervs 😀

When you know you know! LOL, Okay seriously though, I could not help head bumping to that song when I was planning to write this post. It was such a hit song, at least when I was younger. It’s hard to tell what’s popping with them kids this days. And now, probably the elder generation has no idea what I am mumbling about, such is the beauty of life 😀

Anyway guys, I can tell you for a fact this this milkshake tasted so much more than it looks. It’s even hard believe that could be possible. I don’t quite remember what it was called, but it had some cookies and vanilla infused into it. By far the sweetest thing I have had this year!

I am a sweet tooth on the better part, and as much as I am trying to avoid too much sugar at this stage in my life, there are just times that you have to make an exception. This was one of those. Of course there was nothing much to celebrate or to warrant this treat to myself, but I like to think being alive and doing this Steeming Fulltime is reason enough.

As you can see from my computer, I just needed something to make my oracle-d work seamless. Normally I have a cup of coffee as I get writing, but I guess I needed something with a twist. Talking of coffee, this milkshake had some of it. Damn it. I might have to go back and confirm, with another shake of the same manner perhaps? 😀

Incase you’re wondering what song I was mumbling about, here it is. Man, it’s already been 10 years since it dropped. I am old. Really I’m! I remember bumping to this in high school like it was yesterday.

Know it?

Thank you for Stopping By, hope you’re having a fantastic week so far. Don’t feel shy to leave me a feedback below. Also my pleasure 🙂


It’s Not Even my Birthday, Cake Cake Cake!(in Rihanna’s Voice :D )

No, it’s not my birthday!

But I couldn’t help to grab myself (well, it was technically meant for someone else) this beautiful peace of art. Yes, I consider great foods as art! The time, love and perfection it takes to make it come to life totally qualifies it as art.

Funny though, I am really not a pastries person. I don’t like baked things that also involve wheat, I guess it’s from having too much of it as a child. But once in a while, a piece or 2 does it.

This is probably the first cake I have had in 2019! Crazy Right? I’d not be surprised if the next one will be around the Christmas season.

You know what this reminds me off? Rihana’s Birthday Cake Song, And if you know her well, you definitely know this is not the kind of cake she had in mind, know what I mean? 😀

Anyway guys, I hope you are having an amazing May. Just a few days and we’ll be in June! Can you believe that? Also, if you’d be gracious to share your fave cakes that would be great! Added bonus for those with photo 🙂

Time to Kick Start this Steemy Day! See you Around!

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My Perfect Digital Lifestyle Day..

Yesterday was great!

If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was the ultimate digital lifestyle I have craved for most of my adult life. I hate monotony, and most classic jobs I have held in the past were full of it. Most of the time I would get bored so fast and quit. Other times I’d be fired cause I wasn;t delivering lol

Honestly though, I am not the kind of person that persons in an environment that doesn’t foster any form of creativity. I like to do different things on different days, not same old shit just a different day.

I remember one time when I was a group editor for some travel magazine company a year or 2 ago. My then boss was so annoyed cause we couldn’t come to a compromise in terms of my working hours, environment as well as articles for the magazine issues. I think that was the time I decided I would never work for another person for the rest of my life. Of course I’ve taken jobs since then, because, bills have to be paid!

Back to yesterday…

Sorry I digress. But yesterday was what I’d say would be the most perfect idea work day for me. Where I run errands and then sit at a cafe and create content hours on end. I am one of those people who are heavily rooting for Steem to succeed. I can see myself doing this for a really long time. I love it, it’s hustle free and most importantly, I can pay my utilities while at it.

If the price of price is going to act right, I can foresee a future where some of us making a living off this platform. I never bother looking for an actual job nowadays. Chance are, I’d probably be making what I am currently making on here with the recent Steem price. That’s about $300-$400 monthly. Can you believe that crap?

It’s really messed up out here especially for the youth in terms of job acquisition. I know people who have been looking for jobs for years to no avail, it’s that bad. How’s the job situation like where you’re at?

Anyway guys. I had a good time yesterday, I’d do it all over again to be honest. And I most likely will. Of course the food is always an added bonus of working in a cafe all day 😀

And of course it wouldn’t be an experience worth sharing without a selfie 🙂

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Daily Food Photography Challenge| Wednesday’s Dinner..

Hi There fellow foodies! Time for another fun #dailyfoodphotography contest entry! Today’s theme is Wednesday’s Dinner, with a prize pool of 70 Whalecoins, great right? To know me is to know I love my food, and more importantly, my meat! I don’t care what all the vegans out there say, there’s nothing wrong with loving your meat.

Today, we go a little more local 😀 Some Ugali (basically corn flour mix), beef and some kale mixed with spinach. Not sure if any of this is familiar with any of you, but if you can’t tell by now, Ugali is sort of a very common delicacy around here.

If you are ever in Nairobi, Kenya and wanted to try some local delicacy, then this is one of those MUST go to dishes.

Not the Most Yummy looking dish, but it can be tasty if properly prepared, you know, like the way I do it. 😛


Do you like fatty Meat? I DO!


I am usually not a Milk’s person, but I had a cup of milk to drive it all down. The next cup of milk I’ll have will probably be in a couple of weeks if not months. Do you like milk? Other than that, is this something you’d try ? 😀


That’s today’s Entry for Wednesday’s Dinner,

What Did you have for dinner of lunch for that matter today? Photos are very much welcome below this post, that is only if you wish to share. Wishing you guys a lovely time out there.

Love, El

Daily Food Photography Challenge| Tuesday’s 2SBD Lunch…

It’s that time again when we do another #dailyfoodphotography challenge guys! What do I love the most about it? To be honest, just the thought of how much the food I buy is worth in terms of Steem 😀

Today, I’m in town running some errands and I just caught a break to get some posts going. Currently having this delicious Masala Chips, not too hot but considerably hot and yummy! Do you guys have Masala fries where you’re at? It’s kind of a very popular delicacy on my side of the world.

Usually it comes with a salad or a Salsa, not that you get chose, you just get what that particular restaurant offers, crazy right? The only choice you have is to eat or leave it lol

Anyway guys, this plate cost $1.2 and my juice was $0.8, Exactly how much is that for Steem today? I prefer to think of it in SBD terms, cause some day Steem will be worth too much and the pain of spending steem today will be real! So, 2SBD lunch it is!

What would you buy with 2SBD in your country? That’s about 5.5 Steem according to today’s price. This little cafe I found in town today was very price friendly, nice atmosphere and not so crowded which is nearly a miracle especially in my City Centre, Nairobi.

What Did You Have for Lunch Today?

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