The Way to My Heart- Great Food!


The only thing that seems to make my days brighter & even more so when it is accompanied by a perfect glass of wine. This wasn’t the best of wines I’ve had, but it served the purpose for the day :D, Which was clearly to create great content for this amazing platform.


This was a platter of some sort, came with some beef curry, fisk and some fried chicken & veggies. To be honest I don’t think we touched any of the veggies lol

Of course if you know me then you know I love my fries so damn much 😀 This were very tasty once I added some ketchup, but then again, I love potatoes so much, they taste great even when boiled lol

And ofcourse, this meal wouldn’t have been complete without my drink of choice.. Ppppfff 😛

I like my wine Sweet truth be told. And I don’t drinking anything stronger than that, trust me, I’ve tried. Perhaps some sweet cocktails here & there, but that’s about it.

After …

@jeanwandimi & I clearly destroyed that platter. Just reminiscing about it makes me want to go back for some more.

And of course it wouldn’t be a complete experience without a selfie of some sort 🙂 If this counts as one.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Friyaaaay Out there. I am certainly trying to make the best use of my time xxo

See You On the Next Post.

At a Village Far Far Away…

Over the Weekend we happened to visit my great grandmother’s home village. Which is like 3 hours drive away! It was such a good get away experience. I bet you didn’t even notice I was gone cause I am always on my phone, on Steem 😀

This sides of town however, seem to be very neglected to say the least. And the cold? Ten times worse than where I’m at currently. Not my first choice of a place I’d consider moving that’s for sure.

I tried to be artistic by capturing this tree pinch but oh well…

And of course, Still repping the Steem-y Way 🙂

Then this dog came around. You can clearly tell it was a stray dog. You don’t wanna mess with those.

Most of them are aggressive, but this one seemed a bit timid for some reason.

And ofcourse it wouldn’t have been a complete trip without a self photo 😀 Did I mention Adrian was there too?

I know, He’s grown so Muccchhhh!!!

I am constantly looking at him and wondering where time went. Like he can now chose what he wants and doesn’t want. He speaks fluently and, he has become so affirmative! Time!Time!Time! I really wish there was a way to put a pose, they are much cuter when they are smaller! Now all we do is argue and him driving me crazy 😀

Still Love him <3


This Kind of Day… Steem Powered Nails Art…

I know I can be random as hell on some days. And this was one of those kind of days. However, would you believe it if I said I am quite shy to be photographed? I mean, it’s not an everyday kind of affair, I only do it for Thumbnails on most cases cause it’s necessary, however, I feel like I really need to get out of my comfort zone if I am to truly keep up with my mainstream social media accounts.

What does that mean exactly?

More visual photos of myself. People love to see people they can relate to or they might not pay that much attention, especially in a space where they have become so spoilt for choice, and a space that has so much more competition for attention than it actually is on blockchain based platforms.

On some days it feels like it is too much work to put in for zero returns, but then again I remember why it is necessary to play my role in promoting Steem, because every little thing we all collectively do will count in the long run.

One way I thought I’d do my part was by doing this Steem & DTube art nails. The guys at the salon were very curious to know the meaning behind it and you can trust I gave them such a long lesson. It baffles me how little people know about blockchain tech and what it’s all about. You can be sure I had to at Bitcoin before they could grasp the concept. Either way, I was sure to leave them the Steem website so they could research some more.

Are you a Youtube?

That’s the first question they asked when I pulled out my camera to vlog. Which ended up being a great conversation starter. I can only hope they learnt something and will follow through. They are such young ladies and gents who’d use a financial break through opportunity, especially given the hard economic times in my country that has left 1000’s of well educated youths jobless, myself included.

In other news, do you like my nail do? 🙂 Wishing you all a warm pleasant Wednesday, Sincerely, El.


My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard :D

Hey Fellow Pervs 😀

When you know you know! LOL, Okay seriously though, I could not help head bumping to that song when I was planning to write this post. It was such a hit song, at least when I was younger. It’s hard to tell what’s popping with them kids this days. And now, probably the elder generation has no idea what I am mumbling about, such is the beauty of life 😀

Anyway guys, I can tell you for a fact this this milkshake tasted so much more than it looks. It’s even hard believe that could be possible. I don’t quite remember what it was called, but it had some cookies and vanilla infused into it. By far the sweetest thing I have had this year!

I am a sweet tooth on the better part, and as much as I am trying to avoid too much sugar at this stage in my life, there are just times that you have to make an exception. This was one of those. Of course there was nothing much to celebrate or to warrant this treat to myself, but I like to think being alive and doing this Steeming Fulltime is reason enough.

As you can see from my computer, I just needed something to make my oracle-d work seamless. Normally I have a cup of coffee as I get writing, but I guess I needed something with a twist. Talking of coffee, this milkshake had some of it. Damn it. I might have to go back and confirm, with another shake of the same manner perhaps? 😀

Incase you’re wondering what song I was mumbling about, here it is. Man, it’s already been 10 years since it dropped. I am old. Really I’m! I remember bumping to this in high school like it was yesterday.

Know it?

Thank you for Stopping By, hope you’re having a fantastic week so far. Don’t feel shy to leave me a feedback below. Also my pleasure 🙂


It’s Not Even my Birthday, Cake Cake Cake!(in Rihanna’s Voice :D )

No, it’s not my birthday!

But I couldn’t help to grab myself (well, it was technically meant for someone else) this beautiful peace of art. Yes, I consider great foods as art! The time, love and perfection it takes to make it come to life totally qualifies it as art.

Funny though, I am really not a pastries person. I don’t like baked things that also involve wheat, I guess it’s from having too much of it as a child. But once in a while, a piece or 2 does it.

This is probably the first cake I have had in 2019! Crazy Right? I’d not be surprised if the next one will be around the Christmas season.

You know what this reminds me off? Rihana’s Birthday Cake Song, And if you know her well, you definitely know this is not the kind of cake she had in mind, know what I mean? 😀

Anyway guys, I hope you are having an amazing May. Just a few days and we’ll be in June! Can you believe that? Also, if you’d be gracious to share your fave cakes that would be great! Added bonus for those with photo 🙂

Time to Kick Start this Steemy Day! See you Around!

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My Perfect Digital Lifestyle Day..

Yesterday was great!

If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was the ultimate digital lifestyle I have craved for most of my adult life. I hate monotony, and most classic jobs I have held in the past were full of it. Most of the time I would get bored so fast and quit. Other times I’d be fired cause I wasn;t delivering lol

Honestly though, I am not the kind of person that persons in an environment that doesn’t foster any form of creativity. I like to do different things on different days, not same old shit just a different day.

I remember one time when I was a group editor for some travel magazine company a year or 2 ago. My then boss was so annoyed cause we couldn’t come to a compromise in terms of my working hours, environment as well as articles for the magazine issues. I think that was the time I decided I would never work for another person for the rest of my life. Of course I’ve taken jobs since then, because, bills have to be paid!

Back to yesterday…

Sorry I digress. But yesterday was what I’d say would be the most perfect idea work day for me. Where I run errands and then sit at a cafe and create content hours on end. I am one of those people who are heavily rooting for Steem to succeed. I can see myself doing this for a really long time. I love it, it’s hustle free and most importantly, I can pay my utilities while at it.

If the price of price is going to act right, I can foresee a future where some of us making a living off this platform. I never bother looking for an actual job nowadays. Chance are, I’d probably be making what I am currently making on here with the recent Steem price. That’s about $300-$400 monthly. Can you believe that crap?

It’s really messed up out here especially for the youth in terms of job acquisition. I know people who have been looking for jobs for years to no avail, it’s that bad. How’s the job situation like where you’re at?

Anyway guys. I had a good time yesterday, I’d do it all over again to be honest. And I most likely will. Of course the food is always an added bonus of working in a cafe all day 😀

And of course it wouldn’t be an experience worth sharing without a selfie 🙂

Have Yourselves an Amazing Thursday <3 and remember to follow my personal blog if you enjoy my random ramblings or random photography sessions.


Traditional Maasai Jewelry| Necklaces, Anklets, Bangles, Earrings, Belts etc…

Sunday’s are exciting! I don’t know if it’s because of the #GOT anticipation or because it’s the mark of a new week! Either way, I am super duper stoked it’s Sunday already. Today I feel like we all deserve some pop of color, no? There’s just something about beautiful colors that just tends to brighten up the day and moods so to speak.

Today, I wanna share some traditional Maasai Necklaces and afew more jewelry from my latter trip at the market. I kid you not guys, I got so much content from this day it was just amazing. Some days are just meant to be great I assume.

Those are some beautiful colors. It’s not your typical kind of jewelry, but it’s certainly beautiful to look at and wear for those who desire this kind of vibe.

They come in all sort of shapes and sizes too. There’s always something for everyone at this market. Heck, they even have some gold and silver jewelry as shown below.

I assume they must take so many hours to put this beads together. They are so fast with their work though, if you saw them at work you’d think they have some sort of magical hands. These are beautiful right? 😀

They also something for the men. I know most if not none of you gents would rock this 😀 Well, not sure either if you’d rock these carvings either.

Atleast this key holders are unisex 🙂

I also came across this display of other assorted jewelry. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, head ornaments etc…

Oh, there were also some belts….

Incase you are wondering how you’d wear some of these, here’s a typical Maasai Women. This is how they dress up every single day. Like I’ve said many times before, they are very loyal to their culture and traditions.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday. Just gonna kick back, create content and perhaps binge watch some series, not that it’s any different from any other day, but the feel is pretty good.

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Your Name or Whatever Name, on a Grain of Rice Turns Jewelry, Anyone Interested? + A Mini Vlog

Believe it or not, it is actually very possible to write on a grain of rice! Not sure if anyone here has tried that, and if you have, wtf man? But it is actually a very popular art at the Maasai Market. This past visit I decided to get a friend some crafted jewelry with their name on it, which precisely the purpose of this post.

How this guys write on such a small grain is like a miracle, some of us have very bad big handwriting that writing on a grain of rice sounds nearly impossible right? Well, not for this guys. I guess it’s true what they say, practice practice makes perfect!

Normally what happens when they write on a grain of rice, they put then in this very beautifully designed pieces of glass with some sort of solution in it, I am guessing it’s water, and then close it tight on both ends. You can also chose to have yours colored or not. I had mine colorless.

These are some of the other crafted pieces this guy had on his stand. He had neck pieces, unisex bracelets as well as Key holders.

And he clearly knows how to market himself, speaks even foreign languages lol

Apparently, this is Indian Art, the guy never said how he learnt it, but he seemed very happy to be doing it. I guess that is really what matters, that you’re happy doing what you do right?

I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of think this would make for a very unique gift right?

Also, I thought you guys would enjoy watching this guy in his element writing on a grain of rice, so here’s a small clip I put together. Also, remember that arts post from yesterday? I think you’ll spot a few of the pieces on this mini clip 🙂

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Have Yourselves a Great Thursday My Steemy Friends <3


Daily Food Photography Challenge| Wednesday’s Dinner..

Hi There fellow foodies! Time for another fun #dailyfoodphotography contest entry! Today’s theme is Wednesday’s Dinner, with a prize pool of 70 Whalecoins, great right? To know me is to know I love my food, and more importantly, my meat! I don’t care what all the vegans out there say, there’s nothing wrong with loving your meat.

Today, we go a little more local 😀 Some Ugali (basically corn flour mix), beef and some kale mixed with spinach. Not sure if any of this is familiar with any of you, but if you can’t tell by now, Ugali is sort of a very common delicacy around here.

If you are ever in Nairobi, Kenya and wanted to try some local delicacy, then this is one of those MUST go to dishes.

Not the Most Yummy looking dish, but it can be tasty if properly prepared, you know, like the way I do it. 😛


Do you like fatty Meat? I DO!


I am usually not a Milk’s person, but I had a cup of milk to drive it all down. The next cup of milk I’ll have will probably be in a couple of weeks if not months. Do you like milk? Other than that, is this something you’d try ? 😀


That’s today’s Entry for Wednesday’s Dinner,

What Did you have for dinner of lunch for that matter today? Photos are very much welcome below this post, that is only if you wish to share. Wishing you guys a lovely time out there.

Love, El

An Undervalued Arty Affair! Market Friday’s Part 2| Nairobi, Kenya.. $15 Art Anyone?

I am kind of very excited for this post. Mostly because I came across an art DApp when going through my choices for the @Oracle-d’s task for the week. Who knew there were so many DApps out there? If you are curious to know what I am talking about, then be sure to stick around my blog for that post. But for now, can we just acknowledge how talented this artists I found at the market this past Weekend are?

I don’t if it’s their choice of color for their paintings or it is just the images themselves, which I totally resonate with seeing that this is African art and I am Kenyan after all. But then again, just like music, art is food to the soul right?

I get overwhelmed every-time I see how much of this talent goes to waste, believe it or not, some of this pieces go for as low as $15. Crazy right? I sometimes wonder if they make any profits at all, let alone break even.

Seeing that this is a **Maasai Market**, alot of art you will find here revolves around the Maasai Culture and their way of life. Kids Milking, Wildlife, Women Cooking , Fetching fire wood, nursing their kids etc

Here are some more upclose shorts from this display.

I always have a Keen eye for wildlife. This certainly caught my attention, is it something you’d buy or even consider?

The Leopard or the Elephants?

This guy tried a monologue kind of vibe, not sure it it worked, what do you guys think?

One thing is for sure , the talent this guys have is unquestionable, just rather unfortunate it is close to zero value. If you have to get a piece from this collection though, which one would you opt for?

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Love, El. XOXO