The Drought Season is Here…

I have been reading a lot of “spring is here” kind of posts, people get excited by the change in weather, something I feel most of us on my part of the world would not understand. It’s always a tropical kind of weather here, all year long! The closest we come to winter is during the long rain season, and even then, the air is just warm and humid.


I have never really experienced snow, or been in a country that did, so to see people get excited about Spring kind of baffles me to some extent. I’ll say one thing though, if Spring gets your flowers popping like that, I’d be hella excited as well.

On my end though, we are going through the worst kind of drought we have seen in a really long time. We have one major dam that supplies the entire Nairobi city with water, and as of today, it is only 44% full. Something that causes some sort of alarm.

What does this mean for the average household?

Water rationing!

Which is something most people dread in the city. Sometimes it’s so bad people have to resolve to buying water. I know it’s bad when our garden and compound is as dry and dusty as it is now. I cannot remember the last time I saw nearly all our flowers , grass and trees this dried up.

Only some few of the strongest species still stand,like this one here, which really sucks cause my mum puts in a lot of work on them.


Water is a basic need, just like food & clothing are, it’s just sad to see some places still struggle with this. Sometimes it feels like it’s mother nature’s way of balancing things out, other times, it just feels really unfair and biased of her.

All in all, the weather man says we should expect some rainfall by the end of April, hopefully things won’t be out of control before then. I am just Thankful and fortunate to be where I am, here, we don;t have to worry as much about it. But I feel for those that are already feeling the pressure of this heat wave.


To the rest of you,Enjoy You Spring Out There! Keep the Flowers Photos Coming! Totally Love those.

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My Less Than 2 STEEM Lunch?| The Power of the Steem Blockchain…Reflections & Motivation…

Probably not the best of food photography I have taken, but that is besides the point of this post. You see, recently I was at the city center and had this simple lunch, some fries and a bottle of soda. It really got me thinking of the power of the STEEM blockchain. This meal cost me just 2 STEEM, that’s less than $2 for those of you aren’t as familiar with the STEEM platform.

It just blows my mind when I think of how many people’s lives STEEM could potentially change. Imagine all the people out here struggling to get a job to feed their families , at this point Venezuela comes to mind and all the 3rd world countries that struggle so much on this end.

For $2 Steem Lunch, I can have breakfast, lunch and dinner from all my earnings though content creation on my Steem Blog from just one post a day. How insane is that?

This is the power of blockchain opportunities and platforms. I never really understood it as crystal and as I do now. So every-time I create content, I feel rather fortunate and passionate to keep it going, with the thought of the possibilities that lie ahead.

When I first joined the Steem Blockchain as a content creators. It was at STEEM’S All Time High in terms of price. I remember reading content of people buying trucks with their Steem Earnings, I remember reading about @surfermarly’s Steem Bought Land and House project, I was hella inspired and excited and in this moment, as I write this, I have that great gut feeling, encouraging me to keep going. How that going by the way girl?

How Much does 2 STEEM (<$2) get you in your country?

Even though I don’t indulge much with my STEEM Earnings, just knowing I can cash out and treat myself to anything I please is satisfaction enough. After all, they do say good things come to those who wait right? Keeping my eyes on the price for that $7.77 as @nathanmars would say. Here’s to making Steem Great and to Spreading the word to those that need to hear about it the most, like you, the one that just discovered my WordPress blog. What are you waiting for? πŸ™‚

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Views from the National Park, Nairobi Kenya

Normally, I’m not the kind of person that likes to hangout in an open public park, unless there’s wildlife to view. Like this one here. We have both conservative and recreational parks in Kenya, and surprisingly or not, I have never ever considered going to a recreational park. It is probably because there isn’t much to do there, besides boat rides and people watching, oh and cheap snacks. Other than that, not much.


This Park however, is an animal conservancy kind of park, most of you would think of it as a zoo, but it is actually a park. Most often than not, people go here to view wildlife, chill on the benches and watch monkeys that blend in with humanity, or just go for photography purposes. This first image was however very striking and catchy, living in a city that was once almost drowning in garbabge, it’s great to see initiatives like this that strive to keep the environment clean.


As you can tell, we are somewhat very in with the dry season. Like I am always mentioning, the sun out here feel like being in an oven from hell. I think the dust in this photo is a clear indication of what I mean with this. On normal days however, it is usually very green, the benches literally blend in with the grass.


Isn’t this such a cool sculpture? Kids love to take photos on it. If you didn’t know, Kenya is one of those countries that is pleasantly blessed with the Big 5 wildlife in the world. And yes, Rhinos are among those.


And so are buffalos. This was a baby buffalo. Normally, the adults are usually very agitated, to a point of charging and wanting to literally kill anyone on their way. This one however, was very calm and busy minding their business. If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably confuse it for a cow lol


And of course it wouldn’t be a complete trip without a selfie right? πŸ˜€ Totally had fun with this!

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A Little Glimpse of My Busy City, Nairobi Kenya + What They Don’t Tell You About Africa..

Documenting my country has become an integral part of my Steem Journey to be honest. There’s a sense of patriotism, pride and gratitude that comes with being proud of where you come from. It’s also a big influence in how one chooses to portray their home. After all, East or West, Home is best right?

I have a feeling most people only get to hear of the hard, messy instances when it comes to African countries. Sometimes when people mention Africa, most people tend to think of poverty, war and diseases. But that is far from the truth. The thing is, they don’t show you the best part of our continent. Like how great the weather is out here, or how hard working people are out here.

Like it’s clearly demonstrated on this photos I took while at the city center last weekend. People break sweat to get bread on the table, literally.

It’s really all about misconceptions.

One of the most annoying thing about the fast world on an honest note, is how majority of the people tend to think Africa is a country. That is always a deal breaker for me. Like C’mon! C’MON!

I don’t mean to digress, but my thoughts are all over, it happens when I get overwhelmed on a topic I feel deeply about. Like I was saying, there’s more than meets the eye. Sure, we have the bad and ugly in Kenya, but we also have the good and the great parts of it.

If you didn’t know by now, I love to people observe, and photography is a big part of that hobby, clearly.

Need I mention again how awesome our public transportation buses are? They are mostly hella pimped out with graffiti, killa club banging kind of music, tv screens and cctv cams. It’s just one of those experiences you can’t miss when in Nairobi.

Not some of the best captures I’ve done, understandably, I was in a moving bus when I took the photos. Hopefully soon I can do a better job. Here’s one more.

How exciting is public transportation in your country? This is something we go hard on. We actually call this **Matatu Culture** Matatu is Swahili for Bus.

What is that one thing that makes you very proud of where you’re from?

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Monkey See,Monkey Do| Meet My Monkey Friends…

I am on that monkey business today lol, Like literally…

What is that one monkey quote that comes to mind when you see a monkey? For me, we have this African proverb that says;

The Short the Monkey, the longer the tail..

Usually, it is in regard to short men and their whatevs if you know what I mean. Not sure who came up with the proverb, probably a girl that had met so many short men that had longer tails πŸ˜€

On another note though, we have plenty of monkeys in my country. Not sure there’s actually a country without some of this very fascinating creatures. I could observe them for hours to be honest, they are like actual humans, only a little aggressive but human in every way I can think of, well, except the looks.

This are some of my shots from my trip at the animal orphanage last Weekend. It was a pretty awesome experience.

This one was a little mischievous, but then again, aren’t they all? He was stealing food from the birds cage. I remember the last time I went with my nephew, one of them snatched his chocolate. Poor Guy was terrified for days lol

I never really understood why they hurt their butts like that. They literally rub themselves on stones until pink, I think the mother does it to her children? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Off he went..

On another note, remember this sculpture from last year? I still think it’s pretty awesome, don’t you?

How’s your weekend been? Mine’s been pretty boring, just binge watching some series, strategizing for the coming week and just basically taking it a day at a time.

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What Makes Dogs Man’s Best Friend? Meet Our Pup!Did You Know Dogs Can Smell Cancer Even in It’s Early Stages?

I don’t know why, nut I have been pondering on this since yesterday. For as long as we can remember, we have always had dogs and puppies in our compound. The funny thing is, we never buy them or ask friends to share with us, they just come and never leave. I find myself thinking they never really have a constant home in the first place.

But really, why do they call dogs a man’s best friend?

The first thought that truly comes to mind is probably because the aim to protect us and warm us in case of danger,but is that really what friendship is based upon?

It’s probably different out there, but around here people hardly care much for dogs. They roam the street freely, look for their own food and basically never really have a stable place to call home. It’s really not that much of a deal. Some people who truly love theirs do care for them, don’t get me wrong, but the bigger majority don’t.

I find it really weird and fascinating when I watch movies and see people washing them or taking them to shelter and what not, to be honest , now that I think about it, I don’t think I have never seen a dog shelter in Kenya.

On another note though, here is our new pup. I remember showing you guys some seven pups a while back in one of my vlogs. Unfortunately, they all died. I think they may have been poisoned. This one however, is a few months old and I only hope he lives a long better life. Isn’t it cute?

I read somewhere recently that dogs can smell cancer, even in it’s early stages, that’s why they tend to be very sympathetic towards cancer patients and ultimately people who have life threatening diseases. More like they can smell someone who’s about to die. Isn’t that crazy? Have you heard or read anything of the sort?

Nothing like a mothers love they say… Or is it Chocolate & Vanilla? πŸ˜€

When I look at the contrast between the mother and the pup, I can’t help but think of that quote that says don’t be afraid to stand out… or something like that.

Do You Have Pups or Dogs or Pets for that matter? Would you say they are your best friend? Know of any fun dog facts? Share with me if you please.

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Exotic Kenyan Lunch| Chicken, Soup, Ugali… With a Quick Recipe!

It’s 1pm, do you know what that means? It’s freaking Lunch Time :))

What are you having for lunch today? Today it felt like a chicken kind of day. If you didn’t know, I am such a huge meat lover, I don’t think I have a fave, I just love it all. Truth is, I don’t think I’d ever survive without meat.


We call this Ugali…


You probably are familiar with the chicken and the soup from your part of the world, but are you familiar with ugali? It is basically a mix of corn flour and water.

Quick Recipe..

  • Bring water to boil in a pot
  • Add Corn flour as you stir until it thickens to your liking, cook it for 15-20 mins.

While some people like to add salt and cooking oil to it, this is the original Kenyan way to cook it. You can also have it with steamed kale or cabbage if you wish. I had mine with some chicken and soup. It was super delish.


We are also big on spring chicken here, it is so much tastier though tougher to chew…sometimes


The soup is mostly from boiling the chicken,once well cooked, we fry it just to give it more taste. How do you cook your chicken? I like bbq , buffalo & periperi wings on most days as well.

The beauty about food is, you get to experience and explore so much of other people’s culture and their way of life,.. I find it rather fascinating how people prepare their meals across the globe.


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Nairobi Animal Orphanage Bird Experience..

Happy 4th of April to you πŸ™‚

Yesterday was a great day wasn’t it? We went through some amazing wildlife photography from my recent animal orphanage tour here in my capital city, Nairobi. In case you missed it, you can check out it out below.

Kenyan Wildlife Experience at Nairobi Animal Orphanage| Imagery Post

Today however, I wanna share something from the same tour but more so related to birds and other small animals I came across. Since being on the STEEM blockchain, I have picked up a lot of interests that I never knew I’d cultivate. One of those is wildlife and photography. So everytime an opportunity like this presents itself, I never ever hesitate, if anything, I get super excited to get things rolling.

In my previous writing escapades, I’d never have been the kind of person that goes out to do photography or find such little birds very beautiful and fascinating. Because they are right?

Not even sure what the bird is called, but it was such a beauty to marvel at. It must be exotic and important to be at the orphanage in my opinion.

Talking of birds…

Did you know Kenya has over 500 bird species so far? It is actually a bird watchers paradise out here. Seen a lot of them around here and some researchers of the same. It must have something to do with our weather and the tropical rain forests across the country. In case that’s one of your interests, now you know where to go next for your next bird escapade.

This one has one of the most striking blue color I has ever seen. It’s unfortunately far, but it really was a beauty.

I don’t know what you’re thinking about these, but I am thinking they probably taste so much better than chicken! Lol But seriously, I bet there are people out here who eat this. My first guess would be West Africa, those guys are very exotic.

What do you think these birds are called?

This weren’t part of the confined animals, but I thought it was rather interesting how they come to scavenge around this dirt. Not sure what dead animal they were feasting on, but it looked like a bird of some sort from far. There’s plenty of vultures around here.

All in all, I hope you guys enjoyed this photography post. If you did, please leave me a comment below , it’ll totally motivate me to keep them coming πŸ™‚

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