The Drought Season is Here…

I have been reading a lot of “spring is here” kind of posts, people get excited by the change in weather, something I feel most of us on my part of the world would not understand. It’s always a tropical kind of weather here, all year long! The closest we come to winter is during the long rain season, and even then, the air is just warm and humid.


I have never really experienced snow, or been in a country that did, so to see people get excited about Spring kind of baffles me to some extent. I’ll say one thing though, if Spring gets your flowers popping like that, I’d be hella excited as well.

On my end though, we are going through the worst kind of drought we have seen in a really long time. We have one major dam that supplies the entire Nairobi city with water, and as of today, it is only 44% full. Something that causes some sort of alarm.

What does this mean for the average household?

Water rationing!

Which is something most people dread in the city. Sometimes it’s so bad people have to resolve to buying water. I know it’s bad when our garden and compound is as dry and dusty as it is now. I cannot remember the last time I saw nearly all our flowers , grass and trees this dried up.

Only some few of the strongest species still stand,like this one here, which really sucks cause my mum puts in a lot of work on them.


Water is a basic need, just like food & clothing are, it’s just sad to see some places still struggle with this. Sometimes it feels like it’s mother nature’s way of balancing things out, other times, it just feels really unfair and biased of her.

All in all, the weather man says we should expect some rainfall by the end of April, hopefully things won’t be out of control before then. I am just Thankful and fortunate to be where I am, here, we don;t have to worry as much about it. But I feel for those that are already feeling the pressure of this heat wave.


To the rest of you,Enjoy You Spring Out There! Keep the Flowers Photos Coming! Totally Love those.

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