Traditional Maasai Jewelry| Necklaces, Anklets, Bangles, Earrings, Belts etc…

Sunday’s are exciting! I don’t know if it’s because of the #GOT anticipation or because it’s the mark of a new week! Either way, I am super duper stoked it’s Sunday already. Today I feel like we all deserve some pop of color, no? There’s just something about beautiful colors that just tends to brighten up the day and moods so to speak.

Today, I wanna share some traditional Maasai Necklaces and afew more jewelry from my latter trip at the market. I kid you not guys, I got so much content from this day it was just amazing. Some days are just meant to be great I assume.

Those are some beautiful colors. It’s not your typical kind of jewelry, but it’s certainly beautiful to look at and wear for those who desire this kind of vibe.

They come in all sort of shapes and sizes too. There’s always something for everyone at this market. Heck, they even have some gold and silver jewelry as shown below.

I assume they must take so many hours to put this beads together. They are so fast with their work though, if you saw them at work you’d think they have some sort of magical hands. These are beautiful right? 😀

They also something for the men. I know most if not none of you gents would rock this 😀 Well, not sure either if you’d rock these carvings either.

Atleast this key holders are unisex 🙂

I also came across this display of other assorted jewelry. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, head ornaments etc…

Oh, there were also some belts….

Incase you are wondering how you’d wear some of these, here’s a typical Maasai Women. This is how they dress up every single day. Like I’ve said many times before, they are very loyal to their culture and traditions.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday. Just gonna kick back, create content and perhaps binge watch some series, not that it’s any different from any other day, but the feel is pretty good.

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