Views from the National Park, Nairobi Kenya

Normally, I’m not the kind of person that likes to hangout in an open public park, unless there’s wildlife to view. Like this one here. We have both conservative and recreational parks in Kenya, and surprisingly or not, I have never ever considered going to a recreational park. It is probably because there isn’t much to do there, besides boat rides and people watching, oh and cheap snacks. Other than that, not much.


This Park however, is an animal conservancy kind of park, most of you would think of it as a zoo, but it is actually a park. Most often than not, people go here to view wildlife, chill on the benches and watch monkeys that blend in with humanity, or just go for photography purposes. This first image was however very striking and catchy, living in a city that was once almost drowning in garbabge, it’s great to see initiatives like this that strive to keep the environment clean.


As you can tell, we are somewhat very in with the dry season. Like I am always mentioning, the sun out here feel like being in an oven from hell. I think the dust in this photo is a clear indication of what I mean with this. On normal days however, it is usually very green, the benches literally blend in with the grass.


Isn’t this such a cool sculpture? Kids love to take photos on it. If you didn’t know, Kenya is one of those countries that is pleasantly blessed with the Big 5 wildlife in the world. And yes, Rhinos are among those.


And so are buffalos. This was a baby buffalo. Normally, the adults are usually very agitated, to a point of charging and wanting to literally kill anyone on their way. This one however, was very calm and busy minding their business. If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably confuse it for a cow lol


And of course it wouldn’t be a complete trip without a selfie right? 😀 Totally had fun with this!

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