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Those of you that have known me long enough probably have seen my journey unfold gradually. I started out as a green as can be and gradually found my way to what I can now call communities I am passionate about. And it’s without a doubt @Steemhunt is on top of that list.

Looking back I’d say I started out as an amateur hunter, trying as hard as I could to understand the Steemhunt concept and I’m proud to say, I eventually grew to love it and somewhat have translated into a Pro Hunter, at least in my own definition.

Today is not about me however. Today, I am dedicating this post to help YOU to become a great hunter, possibly a Steemhunt Mentor to others. I never really knew how much I’d actually enjoy hunting for cool, new, innovative products but I have come to love it so much so, I can hardly go a day without a Steemhunt post. When I miss it my day never feels the same.

Of course the upside of being part of the Steemhunt community comes with great rewards, both in terms of Steem & Hunt Tokens, but the greater reward for me I’d also say is acquiring knowledge not only about the platform, but also knowledge on thousands of products & services as well as being able to share that information with the rest of the community on here.

If you resonate with any of those reasons, then this is definitely the post for you. But more importantly, a great opportunity for you to be involved in the Steemhunt platform. I should mention, while we are talking all things Steemhunt, this is going to be my entry to be a Steemhunt mentor, a contest being held by the lovely @rosatravels.

Who is a Talented Steemhunt Hunter?

Talent- Natural Aptitude or Skill.

For me, when I think about a talented Steemhunt hunter, it is someone who effortlessly finds the right products that fit the [Steemhunt’s Posting Guidelines](https://github.com/Steemhunt/web/blob/master/POSTING_GUIDELINES.md
) with ease. Someone who has an eye for products or services that the tech savvy internet community would resonate with, are obsessed with or are constantly talking about and being able to review those products on Steemhunt in a fun, yet professional, captivating manner. It is also someone who hunts those products before any other hunter, because, duplicates are not allowed!

Here Comes the Big Question, Where to Dig for those New, Cool & Innovative Products?

I feel it is not a matter of where, but as a matter of how & why.

I know alot of hunters are going to be hesitant in sharing the where’s, and I completely understand. It is like giving out the key to your gold mine right? So I’ll do you one better and share with you the how & why, at least that is my strategy.


If you have been following me for sometime, then you might have noticed my hunts are not random, well, at least not until I grasped some momentum. Before I hunted anything & everything, which was fine since I hardly ever got delisted, but I was all over, from apps to tech products to services etc. Lately, I have found a system where I focus on a certain niche or industry and hunt for products in that line. Lately, I am doing alot of health apps for conditions I feel are affecting alot of the human population, before that I did fitness apps and so on. You get the drift.


I look around and try as much to immerse myself in my real life circumstances and surroundings and look for products I feel would be able to offer solutions to my problems, my family, friends and or neighbors. When I look into health apps, I remember all the people in my life who are struggling with certain health problems. Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, mental health etc. I find when I do this, I find myself very interested to search for products that could help a loved one. The best advice I can give, think of problems in your life you need solutions to, then start researching on possible solutions, you will be pleasantly surprised.

As a Steemhunt Mentor, What Would I like to See in a Steemhunt Post?

The products & services one hunts will never change. By this I mean,they will always function as the makers intended for them to right? That to say, the information is good, but personally I enjoy reading hunts that have a bit of personality to them. If you are a humorous person, bring that out without taking away from the awesomeness of a hunt. If you are a creative, expressive or whatever personality, bring that out. I feel readers need to connect to a hunter first before they can trust your judgement & the products you are recommending to them. It’s all about trust.

Of course I would also like to see a well written post. Grammatically correct, proper punctuation, crystal clear images and gifs, well quoted context where need be, and most importantly, one’s opinion about the product, which should include the Pros & Cons.

Some of the Requirements to Post Cool New Products?

The right product link, the right product name, a captivating short description of the product, using appropriate tags are just some of the requirements I feel are mandatory. Of course there’s more as highlighted on Steemhunt’s Posting Guidelines which you should familiarize with.

How Does one Get a Hunt Approved?


Source- @teamhumble
This is probably one of those questions I have been asked over and over again. One which I have also covered numerous times in my Dtube Vlogs. It is actually not that hard;

  • Make Sure your hunt is Not a Duplicate. You can do this by making use of the Search bar on the Steemhunt platform before you even delve into your hunts. That is like the first rule of Steemhunt. If the hunt you had in mind has been hunted before, move on to the next!
  • Secondly, Use the Right Product Link. Steemhunt accepts only 4 product links.
    Read about product links Here
  • Hunt Products that fit the posting guidelines.
> Web services.Mobile apps. API, IT solutions, bots, open sources or other types of software.Tech gadgets, hardware, IoT/connected/wearable devices. Games.Innovative Engineering/Design Products (It may cover non-tech products that have been invented based on high-level engineering/design approach to solve a major problem)..

Other than that, your posts should be in English, without plagiarism, and of great quality.

How Do Steemhunters Interact with Each Other?

There’s a number of ways to do this. But mostly I feel it is via the Steemhunt’s Website as most spend a lot of time creating, curating as well as giving feedback on the day’s hunts.

You can also find majority on Steemhunt’s Discord Server. Feel free to join.

What are Hunt Tokens?



Earlier on, I mentioned one of the great perks of being a Steemhunt member is earning both Steem and Hunt tokens. It is hard to believe there’s anyone who’s been here for a while without a clue about hunt tokens. Steemhunt had one of the biggest Airdrops we’ve had on the Steem blockchain a while back. But for the sake of those that maybe new on Steem , Hunt Tokens are tokens that fuel the Steemhunt Platform. Currently valued at $0.02, this tokens can be;

  • Earned by sharing/upvoting cool new products in the Steemhunt community
  • Used by product owners and makers to run review campaigns for hunters, in return, the hunters can use this tokens to buy products and services at discounted prices.
  • In the near future, the tokens will also be used by hunters and anyone who holds them to back crowdfunding projects.
Talking of Review Campaigns…

Are you Ready for Review Hunt?

Review Hunt is the platform product makers will use to run their product campaigns, where professional Steemhunt Influencers can review cool new products and without a doubt the perfect place for anyone who wants to be a product influencer should be. A time is coming where Steemhunters can officially be appointed to review certain products as per the product owners request and of course, earn heftily while at it.

How then do you make sure you are ready for review hunt?

First things first,

  • Pre-Sign Up as a Hunter Now!
  • Then be on the look out for the official platform launch in July 2019.
  • In the mean time, try as much as you can to guild your social media presence in the various platforms as it will go a long way in gaining you access to the review hunt platform as a hunt influencer. Some of the platforms I’d advice to focus on are Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Medium & Facebook. If you have more, even better.
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First of all, thank you for reading this far. If you found this information useful do leave me a feedback below.

Secondly, I would highly encourage anyone who is looking into passive income or extra income on the platform to seriously look into the [Steenhunt Platform]. So far, there are over 60 companies that have committed more than $500,000 monthly to be spent on product review on review hunt. Imagine how much of that pie you could get for just doing amazing reviews.

Thirdly, if you would like to be a Steemhunt mentor be sure to check out the mentioned post by @rosatravels. Better yet, if you think I’d make a good Steemhunt mentor don’t be shy to show your support, I will highly appreciate it. Steemhunt is one of those DApps I have been very consistent with & continue to be passionate about. Being a Steemhunt Influencer few months back was one of the ways I could give back to this amazing platform and being a mentor would be an even greater opportunity. To not only help you with your Steemhunt journey, but to also show support and give back to the community at large.

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See you on the Next Post.

Love, El.

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